Making Mother’s Day Special 


 February 21, 2021

The very first perception of love and care that a baby receives is by his/ her mother. A mother is every child’s first love, first teacher, and caregiver. A mother is no less than an angel in one’s life. No relation on earth can replace what a mother shares with her kids. A mother is the most sincere and selfless person in one’s life. You can never pay her back completely for her efforts and love. But acknowledging and admiring her efforts must never stop.

Though mothers must be showered with love and affection every day, Mother’s Day is celebrated every year specifically to pay tribute to the selfless love and endless compromises of all the mothers worldwide.

You might be shy when it comes to expressing love towards your mother. But Mother’s Day is your opportunity to tell her how much you adore her!

Here’s a list of things that you could do to make Mother’s Day Special for your mom.

Offer Help!

There is nothing best than offering help to your mother and sharing her workload. Though you should do it every day, on Mother’s Day, serve your mom a little extra and let her rest the whole day. Wake up early in the morning before she gets up, prepare a nice breakfast, clean the house, and pay attention to other house chores. Without any doubt, this is going to be a huge surprise for your mum.

Decorate and Renovate The House

What could a gift greater than house decoration and renovation for a mother without having her to burn energy?

Decorate the house nicely with balloons, flowers, special signs, plants, and pictures. Clean her garden and add some new plants in it. Ticking this off your mother’s wish list would be a wonderful idea!

As for the renovation, don’t keep it a surprise. Discuss the ideas with her and get the entire renovation done according to her preferences.

Feed Her All the Favorites

Breakfast in bed is mandatory but preparing a delicious menu is also a must. Make all your mum’s favorite dishes for lunch, bake her a cake, and don’t forget her favorite sweet dishes. If that’s too much to do, take her out t her favorite restaurant!

Movie Date

Mothers often complain about you not spending enough time with them. Now is the right time to address her complaint and resolve it.

Arrange a movie date with her, either at home or head out to your nearest cinema. Besides, the binge-watching Netflix series is trending these days and indeed a cool idea. Watch, laugh, and enjoy it together!

There’s No Comparison to Handmade Gifts!

Get creative and put in some extra effort as you have done for your school projects. A handmade card is a great idea, but do pen down your own feelings for her instead of writing down fancy googled greetings only. Besides, you could craft a handmade photo album comprising of all the photos that you have with her from birth till the present. Explosion boxes are new in too!

Be Vocal

Life is too short to stay reserved and keep your feelings hidden. Expressing love verbally is the most phenomenal thing. Prepare a speech in her tribute or poetry. Also, sing a lovely song along with your siblings. Make every moment of the day cheerful, lively, and memorable.

Nothing you ever do can be equivalent to what a mother does for you, but at the end of the day- it’s your efforts and thoughtfulness that counts!

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