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 June 17, 2020



She came to the set at 13 and lived a long way with her heroine, growing up and transforming in the frame. Maisie Williams is an actress who has been delighting fans of Game of Thrones for eight seasons .

Maisie Williams  was born on April 15, 1997 in England. The first years of her life passed in Bristol. She is the youngest daughter, there are four children in their family. The girl’s mother worked at a city university.

Maisie  was small when her parents divorced. Soon, the mother married again and moved to Somerset, where the stepfather of the future actress lived. There, the girl graduated from elementary school, then studied at Norton Hill School and College. In college, she studied choreography and theatrical art.

She was fond of stage art since childhood, and was so obsessed with dancing that she persuaded her mother to send her to the Norton Hill profile school. The teachers of the school prophesied Margaret Williams a great dance future, because she had talent. By the way, Margaret is the real name of the actress given to her at birth, and Maisie Williamsis a creative pseudonym, which she borrowed from popular comics.

Studying in a dance school became her “happy ticket” to the big cinema. She participated in a talent competition held in Paris. They noticed her there, soon the teenage girl already had her own agent, she began to actively attend castings.


The first test for Maisie Williams was the casting of the second season of “My terrible nanny.” The girl brilliantly passed selection after selection, reached the finals. Nobody expected this from a pretender without a stage education, but in the final she nevertheless lost to Lil Woods, who got the role.

The actress had to go through five stages of selection. The girl was so convincing and so subdued the producers that she was approved immediately. Arya Stark performed by the actress turned out to be lively and convincing, subdued millions of viewers. For this role, Maisie Williams received several prestigious awards

Personal life

The personal life of the young actress is the Game of Thrones project, where she spent most of her time. The busy schedule did not allow her to graduate from school – I had to get a certificate as an external student.

Maisie Williams once mentioned that she has a friend. But she does not think about a serious romance yet. Even hacked Maisie Williams Williams accounts in 2016, hackers could not shed light on the personal life of the actress. Hackers posted on the Internet a photo in which Maisie Williams  and two girlfriends of the actress bathe in the lake in the same swimming trunks. The actress did not comment on the merged photos.

The actress spends rare free minutes sewing and is thinking about the career of a fashion designer in the future. In addition,Maisie Williams , like most peers of the actress, uploads photos on Instagram and develops her own account on this platform. Today, the actress has seven and a half million subscribers.

Also, the young actress is concerned about environmental issues. In December 2016, the actress became a member of the protest, where she spoke out against hunting dolphins and organizing shows with these animals. As an activist of the Dolphin organization, Maisie Williams  arrived on the island of Taiji in Japan, where dolphin fishing is developed, and called for animals to be left in their natural habitat.

Maisie Williams Xmen

The young actress played in the fantastic horror “New Mutants” , which takes place in the famous movie universe “X-Men”. In this universe, the movie “New Mutants” will be the eleventh picture of the series. The premiere of the film took place on April 12, 2018.


  • 2011-2017 – “Game of Thrones”
  • 2012 – The Scalper of Olympic Tickets
  • 2012 – The Secret of Crickley Hall
  • 2013 – The Roof
  • 2013 – Thermal Impact
  • 2014 – Cranes
  • 2014 – Gold
  • 2014 – Robotsyp
  • 2014 – The Fall
  • 2015 – Cyber ​​Terror
  • 2015 – Doctor Who
  • 2016 – The Devil of the Deep Blue Sea
  • 2017 – “iBoy”

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