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 July 30, 2020

Luke Eisner  Biography

Luke Eisner is an American actor, fashion model, musician and entrepreneur. The young man collaborates with companies such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, H&M, Revolve, acting as a fashion model. The artist also managed to try himself as a vocalist on the professional stage as part of the Voila duet.

Luke Eisner  Childhood and youth

Luke was born on August 1, 1996 in Wisconsin. The boy’s grandfather and his father built an advertising business. Having inherited the company, Eisner Sr. renamed it from William Eisner & Associates to Nonbox and has repeatedly organized political campaigns for senators and the governor of Wisconsin. After becoming a business strategy consultant, he held an ambitious position, but practically retired after the diagnosis of cancer.

Luke adopted a commercial streak from his relatives. This helped him start his first business at the age of 13. Together with cousins ​​who knew how to work with sound equipment and musical arrangements, he opened a company that provided DJ services for parties and events. Luke Eisner DJ and Lighting, LLC was officially incorporated in 2011. Eisner independently purchased the equipment necessary for the work, spending his personal savings.

Gradually, Luke’s business grew, and soon the guy began performing at professional venues in different states. He now has a staff, as well as a personal trailer for transportation. In addition to private events, Eisner also organized charity events. For example, he helped raise funds for the Crohn’s Disease Foundation and the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.

Personal life

A successful and attractive guy became the dream of millions of girls, but now none of them have a chance, because the artist’s heart is taken. He is dating Kirby Johnson.

Luke shares the details of his personal life, pictures from photo shoots and beautiful shots with his fans on his Instagram profile . Here, curious followers will find photos of the actor with short hair.

The celebrity is 191 cm tall and weighs 78 kg.


After moving to Los Angeles, Eisner attended the Thornton School of Music. Here he met Gus Ross, the future partner in the music and dance duo Symphony. In search of new successes, the young man moved to California, where he became a member of the Voila group. He liked to attract the attention of the public, and his guitar and piano skills were not superfluous. It was clear that Luke would connect his further biography with public appearances and creativity.

Voila’s debut took place in 2018 along with the presentation of the single Don’t, which attracted the attention of a wide audience. In an interview, the artist admitted that the lyrics of the song were inspired by a difficult romantic relationship. In the composition Stand Tall, written during this period, Luke expressed his concerns about his father’s illness. Voila has proven to be a successful project and has performed with artists such as Kesha, X Ambassadors, The Fray.

In parallel with his development in the music field, Eisner tried himself as a fashion model. As a model for IMG Models, he has several lucrative contracts and marketing campaigns for brands like H&M and Calvin Klein.

In the future, Luke decided to try his hand at cinema and television. His first appearance in the frame took place in the projects “Goldbergs” and “News feed”. This was followed by work in the Netflix project “Dylda”. The actor got the main role in it. Sabrina Carpenter is also involved in the multi-part film .

The main partner of the young man on the site was actress Ava Michelle . She played a girl who became a target for ridicule of her peers because of her height. The heroine dreams of falling in love with a guy whom she would have to reach in order to hug. This turned out to be the character of Luke Eisner.

The main issues that the project touches on were bullying, self-knowledge in adolescence, the ability to pump self-esteem and achieve success. In this respect, the main character turned out to be Luke’s sister in misfortune. He, like no one else, understood how criticism and mockery from others affect the life of a teenager.

Luke Eisner now

The American actor managed to impress the audience and producers, so he began to receive new invitations to cooperation.

In 2020, he began acting in two new series, but work on them was suspended by the coronavirus pandemic.

Eisner does not abandon other hobbies. Now he still makes music and occasionally works as a model.

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