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 June 20, 2020

Ludacris biography Details


Ludacris is one of the most commercially successful rappers of the 21st century, whom Forbes magazine dubbed “hip-hop rich” in 2014, his annual income was $ 8 million. Ludacris went to world fame from the age of 9, and now he is a renowned hip-hop producer , concurrently – an actor and a singer.

Childhood and youth

Christopher Brian Bridges (rapper’s real name) was born September 11, 1977 in Champaign, Illinois, in a union of Roberta Shields and Wayne Brian Bridges. From relatives, the boy inherited African American, English and Native American roots.

As a child, his family often traveled. When the boy was 5 years old, his parents moved to Chicago. Here Christopher attended Emerson High School in Oak Park, then – Oak Park School and River Forest. For another year, Bridges went to an educational institution in Centerville, Virginia. He received his secondary education at Banneker School in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1995.

Christopher discovered a craving for creativity early, already at the age of 9 he composed the first rap composition, and 3 years later, having moved to Atlanta, he joined an amateur hip-hop band.


What began as a hobby turned into the pursuit of life. Between 1998 and 1999, Bridges studied music management at Georgia State University. He succeeded so much that he earned a DJ spot on Atlanta’s Hot under the pseudonym Chris Lova Lova.

The peak of the early stage of Christopher Bridges’ biography was the collaboration with Timbaland on his track “Phat Rabbit” from the album “Tim’s Bio: Life from da Bassment” (1998), which became a hit in many countries, including the USA and Great Britain. In the list of creative collaborations of the still novice rapper in the same period, Dallas Austin and Jermaine Dupree were noted.

In 1998, Ludacris began recording the debut album “Incognegro” (1999), which is now a prime example of the Southern rap genre. Timbaland provided producer support to a colleague. The record was not remembered by critics and did not hit the charts. The following experience was more successful.

“Back for the First Time” (2000) included 12 tracks from the album “Incognegro”, new songs “Stick ‘Em Up” and “Southern Hospitality”, a remix of “What’s Your Fantasy” and the song “Phat Rabbit” with Timbaland “. The collection took 4th place in the Billboard 200, 133 thousand copies were sold in a week. Now the album is platinum, sales exceed 3 million copies.

None of the new songs found wide popularity, and “Chicken-n-Beer” quickly lost track of sales. The situation was saved by the track, which is still the most recognizable in the works of Ludacris – “Stand Up”, produced by Kanye West . He reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Only Get Back from the fourth studio album The Red Light District (2004) can compete for the best status.

The performer received his first Grammy in 2004 for the hit “Yeah!” Recorded with Asher and Lil John . In general, Ludacris was nominated for the main music award 20 times, won three times. The most prolific was the year 2006 – the track “Money Maker” and the album “Release Therapy” were recognized as the best.

The release of “Theater of the Mind” took place in 2008, simultaneously with the release of Kanye West’s album “808s & Heartbreak”. Ludacris’s fellow worker took the 1st place in the Billboard 200, and he took the 5th place, the circulation for the week amounted to 213 thousand copies. Chris Brown , Lil Wayne , Rick Ross , T-Pain , Jay-Z , The Game and others participated in the recording .

Songs recorded specifically for the Ludaversal album were unsuccessful, and the artist postponed the release. Only in 2014, after a long break, the rapper returned to creativity, recording the track “Party Girls” with Jeremih, Wise Khalifa and Cashmere Cat.


A talented person is talented in everything. For example, Ludacris works as an actor in his spare time from music. His cinematic journey began in 2003 with the filming of the action movie “Fast and the Furious.” The rapper got one of the main roles of Tedge Parker – a street racer, a friend of Brian O’Connor, played by Paul Walker.

At first, Ludacris played a cameo and in secondary roles – “Catt Williams: American Vanity” (2007), “Fred Klaus, Santa’s Brother” (2007), “Rock and Roll” (2008), “Max Payne” (2008), musical films “Paper Chasers” and “Ludacris: The Red Light District” about his work and about hip-hop culture in general.

Since 2009, the filmography of the rapper has steadily replenished with the main roles. Among the key projects are “Play Honestly” (2008), “Gamer” (2009), as well as the continuation of the story about the racers: “Fast and the Furious 5” (2011), “Fast and the Furious-6” (2013) together with the MMA fighter Gina Carano , Fast and Furious 7 (2015), Fast and the Furious 8 (2017).

Personal life

Christopher Bridges is the father of four children. The first daughter named Shalia Scott was born in 1996, the second Karma in 2001, her mother is a lawyer from Atlanta.

Since 2009, Ludacris has been building a personal life with the model Eudoxie Mbouguiengue. Their wedding took place on December 26, 2014 in Costa Rica, on the day when the performer made an offer to his chosen one. Christopher reported on the joyful event on Instagram – under a joint photo,

Ludacris Latest

In 020, on his Instagram profile, Ludacris promised fans new films and tracks. Thus, the plans of the Bridges actor include several projects, including the main role in the drama John Henry.


  • 1999 – Incognegro
  • 2000 – Back for the First Time
  • 2001 – “Word of Mouf”
  • 2003 – Chicken-n-Beer
  • 2004 – The Red Light District
  • 2006 – Release Therapy
  • 2008 – Theater of the Mind
  • 2010 – Battle of the Sexes
  • 2015 – Ludaversal


  • 2003 – Double Fast and the Furious
  • 2004 – Collision
  • 2007 – Fred Klaus, Santa’s Brother
  • 2008 – Play Fair
  • 2008 – Rock and Roll
  • 2008 – Max Payne
  • 2009 – Gamer
  • 2011 – Fast and the Furious 5
  • 2011 – “Old” New Year “
  • 2013 – Fast and the Furious 6
  • 2015 – Fast and the Furious 7
  • 2017 – Fast and the Furious 8
  • 2018 – Dangerous Passenger

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