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 July 16, 2020


Lindsey Vonn is the Queen of Alpine Skiing. Such a sports biography would be envied by many of her colleagues. Surviving dozens of injuries, each time finding the strength to return and end their careers with the most titled representatives of their sport is a goal and a dream realized for an American.

Childhood and youth

Lindsay Caroline Kildow (maiden name of the athlete) is a native of Minnesota, although she is Norwegian by blood. Mom worked as a lawyer, father is the champion of America in skiing among juniors.

Grandfather, a veteran of the Korean War, instilled a love of downhill from the mountains. The granddaughter brought the urn with his ashes to the Olympics in Pyeongchang and scattered the ashes over the slopes.

Lindsey went skiing at age 3, but had to wait another 15 years for her first victories. She paved the way to success at Erich Sailer Ski Racing Camps. For her sake, the family moved to Colorado. Later, the skier said that she was to blame for the brothers and sisters who had sacrificed the school, friends and familiar surroundings. Acquaintance with the Olympic champion Picabo Street only spurred Kildow in an effort to achieve no less results.

Changing the slopes, skis and training methods, the girl did not forget about education: she graduated from the distance course of the University of Missouri.

In the 1998/1999 season, Lindsay became a member of the American national team, in 2000 she made her debut at the World Cup, after another 3 years she won the first silver in the world championship among juniors.

Personal life

Lindsay has no children yet. Perhaps the athlete will think about it now, going to marry NHL player Pi Kay Subban.

And for the first time, the skier went down the aisle with teammate Thomas Vonn, who, after the wedding, was re-qualified as a personal manager. The divorce that happened after 4 years was not easy for the young woman. Lindsey did not change her last name, but stopped all communication with her ex-spouse.

Then Lindsay met with Kenan Smith, assistant coach of the Los Angeles Rams football team. In the summer of 2018, the athlete officially announced a romance with Subban, and a year later about the engagement.

During his brilliant career, Vonn won 82 medals, more only from the legendary Swedish skier Ingemar Stenmark. However, she also thought about what she would do when she left the mountainside. In 2015, the Lindsey Vonn Foundation appeared, the task of which is to empower young women. That’s just what is meant by such a vague wording, the champion did not specify, noting that outsiders do not need to know about this.


Vonn has three Olympics, and only in Vancouver did she become a champion in downhill skiing and received a bronze medal in the super giant. The athlete’s career is built from moments, and some of them are very painful. Lindsay wrested her arms and legs, two knee operations forced to miss the Games in Sochi.

By the way, while undergoing rehabilitation, the girl took a dog from the shelter that fell under the car and received damage to its paws. With a picture of the animal, she pretty much scared Instagram followers, who decided that their favorite had suffered so much.

Vonn came to Korea to defend the championship, but was content with 3rd place in the downhill, in the supergiant and completely remained outside the podium.

Lindsay has many more victories at championships and world cups. She is the champion in the number of titles, the owner of four Crystal Globes in the overall standings, eight in downhill, five in the super giant and three in combination.

The meticulous statistics show that the American is the only woman who has won medals at six world championships, and one of six who received the World Cup for winning all five ski disciplines.

Lindsey Vonn Latest

In 2019, the last skier of her generation left the sport. Finally Vonn put a bullet in the spot – she took 3rd place at the World Championships in Sweden.

2020 Lindsay meets the Princess of Asturias Prize as a holder. The award, named after the eldest daughter of the King of Spain, Philip VI, is awarded for outstanding achievements in eight areas. An American was awarded for his contribution to the development of sports.


  • Winner of the Olympic gold and 6 bronze medals
  • Two-time world champion, winner of 6 silver and 9 bronze world championship awards
  • Winner of 82 World Cups
  • Winner of 4 Crystal Globes
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