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 August 9, 2020

Lil Wayne Biography

Lil Wayne is arguably one of the most successful and popular rappers to ever enter the American scene. The biography of this man is a classic success story of a dark-skinned guy from a dysfunctional family who, despite everything, “made his way” and proved to the world that he is talented and deserves more.

Childhood and youth

The real name of the performer is Duane Michael Carter Jr. The future idol of millions was born on September 27, 1982 in the Holly Grove area of ​​New Orleans. Dwayne’s mother at that time was barely 19 years old, the girl worked as a cook. Two years later, the boy’s father, Duane Carter Sr., left the family, leaving his former lover with a small son in her arms and practically without a livelihood.

This act forever predetermined Duane’s attitude towards him: the rapper changed his own name at the first opportunity, not wanting to be anything like this man. Removing the first letter, the young man received the name Wayne, under which he became famous.

From early childhood, Wayne attracted the attention of teachers, on the one hand, for his giftedness and artistry, on the other, for disgusting behavior and constant pranks. Already in primary school, the boy began to write poetry. In addition, Wayne participated in all school performances and even studied in a theater club.

In 1991, Wayne met Brian Williams, who later became known under the pseudonym Birdman. He drew attention to the talented boy and in 1995 helped to record the first album. 11-year-old Wayne prepared this disc in a duet with another teenager – 14-year-old Christopher Dorsey, known as BG

The first success inspired Wayne Carter so much that after a couple of years the young man left school to devote all his time and efforts to a musical career.


The beginning of Wayne Carter’s serious creative work can be considered the album “Get It How U Live”, recorded with Terius Gray and Tab Wedgel Jr. The band was named “Hot Boys” and instantly gained popularity among rap music lovers. In 1999, Hot Boys delighted the audience with their second disc, Guerilla Warfare.

The album “The Block Is Hot” is considered to be Carter’s first independent creation, although some of the songs from this disc were also performed with the group “Hot Boys”. The album surpassed Wayne’s previous records in popularity, reaching platinum status in its first week of release. He also earned Carter a Best New Artist nomination.

The year 2000 was marked for the musician with the appearance of his second solo album, called “Lights Out”. This disc was inferior in popularity to the previous one, but was awarded the title of “gold” according to many music channels and publications. And two years later, Lil Wayne presented to the public the third disc – “500 Degrees”, which, unfortunately, did not win the audience’s love.

However, the most important in Lil Wayne’s creative biography were records from the “The Carter” series. Their special atmosphere, Carter’s inimitable style of recitative and consistent recording quality have brought the musician fans all over the world.

The first album from this collection – “The Carter” – was released in 2004. According to some media reports, the disc has sold over a million copies, and these are only legal copies. Months of the first lines of all kinds of charts and charts raised Lil Wayne’s popularity to new heights.

Deciding to strike while the iron is hot, at the beginning of 2005 Lil Wayne released the album “The Carter II”, the title track from which sounded all over the United States for a long time. The album itself sold three hundred thousand copies, falling short of the success of the previous one. The musician did not forget about other projects either: in 2006, Carter released a joint album with Birdman, which the rappers called “Like Father, Like Son”.

But with the third album from the series “The Carter” there were problems. Shortly before the announced release, several compositions were leaked to the Web. Lil Wayne announced to the fans that he was postponing the release of the disc and would release the released songs in a separate album, supplementing them with four more tracks.

As a result, “The Carter III” appeared only in 2008. It is noteworthy that the scandal with the songs posted on the Internet benefited the disc: in the first week this album was bought by more than a million people. Subsequently, the album went three times platinum and even broke the record of the artist 50 Cent with his disc “The Masscare”, which previously bore the “title” of the most commercially successful rap album.

Personal life

The rapper’s personal life was no less stormy than his musical career. The musician’s first wife was a school friend named Anthony Johnson. The woman gave Lil Wayne her first daughter. The girl was named Regina. Unfortunately, this marriage ended in 2006.

Two years later, in 2008, the man had a son, Duane. Lil Wayne’s new beloved Sarah Vivan became the mother of the baby. However, Carter did not stay with this girl for long either. The next chosen one of the rapper was the beautiful model Lauren London, who gave the musician a son, Cameron. In the same 2009, the fourth child of Lil Wayne was born – the boy Neil, whose mother was the singer Nivea.

Lil Wayne now

Now, unfortunately for fans, the attention of the music community is not focused on the work of Lil Wayne, but on the state of health of the musician. The press discusses not the clips and photos of the singer at all, but the last hospitalization: in the fall of 2017, Carter was admitted to the hospital after an epileptic seizure. Recall: this is not the first case of the disease. A year earlier, Lil Wayne had already received treatment for epilepsy.

Therefore , Instagram and other social networks are full of posts with condolences from fans and wishes for Lil Wayne to return to music as soon as possible.

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