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 August 26, 2020


The career of Australian actress Leila George is just picking up steam. So far, attention is attracted not by the vastness and variety of filmography, but by her personal life. In 2020, she became the next wife of the scandalous womanizer Sean Penn , who is twice the age of the chosen one.

Childhood and youth

Leila was written to become an actress. The beauty was the fruit of the love of two actors – American Vincent D’Onofrio and Australian Italian Greta Skacchi. Parents starred together in the film Salt on Our Skin, full of passion, but the real romance of their relationship did not last long: the marriage lasted from 1991 to 1993, during which time a daughter, Leila, was born.

The girl was born on March 20, 1992 in Sydney, but her childhood was spent in East Sussex, UK. There she lived with her mother, who continued to build a career and became famous for her roles in the films Heat and Dust, Emma, ​​Rasputin. Greta was repeatedly nominated for the prestigious BAFTA, Golden Globe and Emmy awards, the last she even received in 1996.

His father lived in America and also excelled in the creative field: Vincent starred in the films “Full Metal Jacket”, “Men in Black”, and in the cult TV series “Law & Order” he played the main role for 10 seasons. The actor’s personal life also turned out to be in order: married to Karin van der Donk, he gave the eldest daughter of his half-brothers Elias (1999) and Luka (2008).

Leila was fond of acting from her youth – in 2008 she began to study the basics of the profession at Brighton College, and then entered Crowley College, where her mother once received her education. In 2011, George left for Australia, where she attended Sydney Film School, and a year later went to the United States to study at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York and live near her father.

Personal life

In 2016, the young actress began dating Sean Penn, who is her father’s age, being the same age as the parents of the chosen one. Love did not interfere with either age misalliance or the reputation of Sean, who was known as a bully and brawler. The artist has long become famous throughout Hollywood for his quarrelsome character, addiction to alcohol and love of fights. However, all this was combined in a man, along with tremendous talent, a deeply feeling soul and creative fertility.

Penna’s previous wives Madonna and Robin Wright tried to enjoy this fiery mixture , but both marriages ended in divorce. The actor met his new wife Leila while working on the Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff project. Since then, the lovers have been together without making loud statements. And the wedding, which took place in August 2020, was not advertised.

The public learned about the event from social networks, where a friend of the family, Irena Ferris, published a congratulation to the newlyweds. After that, on Late Night with Seth, Sean revealed that the wedding took place within the walls of the house, from where the couple contacted the district commissioner through Zoom. Leila posted a joint photo with her husband on Instagram , noting:


George’s acting career began in 2014 at the Australian Black Swan Theater, where she co-starred with her mother. It was Anton Chekhov ‘s The Seagull , in which Greta Skakki embodied the character of Arkadina, and her daughter became Nina.

In 2016, the girl got her first movie role – she revealed the image of a high school student Lea in the mystical thriller In the arms of death. Although the film earned a low rating, Layla gained experience working with such famous actors as James Franco and Tori Spelling . The next in the filmography were the projects “By Wolf’s Laws”, “Chronicles of Predatory Cities” and “Little Kid”. In the latter, she played the main female role.

Leila George now

Now Leila is passionate about her film career and continues to act in the crime series “By the Wolf’s Laws”, where she got a character named Janine. In 2020, James Franco’s The Long Home was in post-production, where George met stars such as Josh Hartnett and Ashton Kutcher on set .

The actress shares her life news on Instagram, where she posts her own portraits, pictures in a swimsuit and shots in the company of colleagues, friends and relatives. She also publishes posts on animal rights, since she is an activist and animal rights activist. A four-legged friend lives in Leila’s house – a red dog named Skylar.

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