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 January 20, 2020

Kylie Minogue is a famous actress

Full name Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue)

Date of Birth

Place of Birth Melbourne, Australia

Gemini zodiac sign.

Height 153 cm

Weight 49 kg


Kylie Minogue


Kylie Minogue is the eldest of three children in the family , her sister , Dani Minogue , is also a well-known singer in Australia. But Brandon , their brother did not choose the thorny star trek. The sisters began to build their careers from the age of 11. Kylie played in the children’s series – Skyways , of The Sullivans and The Henderson Kids, – but it has not achieved much success , at an early age younger sister enjoyed greater popularity , than Kylie Minogue.


After singing The Loco-Motion by popular American singer Little Eva at a charity event in Melbourne , Kylie signed with Mushroom Records in 1986.

Kylie Minogue age

Released as a single and renamed Locomotion , the record lasted for more than a month on the top lines of the Australian charts and charts , and became the best-selling single of the year. Kylie became the most popular album of the year. It sold over 7 million copies worldwide with the highest sales in Europe and Asia , and contained six hit singles , including the most popular one, I Should Be So Lucky. The album is not only in the United States was successful , despite the fact , that the single The Loco-Motion takes the third position in the Billboard Hot 100.

In early 1989, the song Especially For You , recorded by Kylie Minogue with her boyfriend , Jason Donovan , was a major hit in the UK. And in 1991, Kylie Minogue changes the image of a neighbor’s boy for a sexy beauty , which further enhances her popularity.

Thanks to the romance with INXS vocalist Mike Hutchins, Kylie constantly flashes on the pages of the tabloids. In 1997, Kylie Minogue already released his seventh album , which becomes platinum. The original name Impossible Princess had to be changed in connection with the death of Princess Diana .

Every day, the popularity and fees of Minogue grew. “The leading record companies literally threw me over with offers of cooperation , I was shocked , but quickly got used to it and became a respectable woman , well versed in life and music,” said the star herself.

Every third born in England girl was named after her.

However, the life of a popular singer is not without dangers. “On the one hand , in my life, everything is fine and good , but then again – I can not leave the house without a retinue of guards , I can not get into the car , until it has been checked for bombs. My work colleagues are ready to strangle me, ”Minogue herself complained. And her fears were justified hundreds of times. Once a letter came to her , security officers suspected something and sent him for examination , later anthrax spores were found in it. Three times, Kylie Minogue’s limousine was mined. Threatening letters constantly arrive in the mail. The situation worsened , when it was recognized as the sexiest woman in America.

Nevertheless , one does not have to worry about the “safety” of the star – as long as it creates , the guard ensures its safety. In 2003, the Body Language album was released , in 2007 – an album titled X , and in 2010 fans were able to listen to the Aphrodite album , which became the 11th in its discography. In 2014, her new album, Kiss Me Once , was released, and already in Kylie again pleased fans with the Kylie Christmas record.

 Personal life

Kylie had a romantic relationship with INXS band leader Michael Hutchence. In those days, Kylie loved noisy parties and dangerous adventures. However, the love story ended very, very sadly: Michael , experiencing depression and a creative crisis , committed suicide , which for a long time unsettled Kylie.

For three years, Kylie lived with fashion model James Gooding , parting for her was a big injury. James could not accept the fact , that his woman is constantly busy. Kylie and James broke up , but remained friends. Kylie met with Olivier Martinez , in 2010, she began a relationship with Andres Valencoso , with whom the singer broke up in 2013.

In 2015, her affair began with fashion model and actor Joshua Zasse.

In 2005, the singer was diagnosed with breast cancer , which she successfully overcame after three years of treatment. Since then, the singer began to actively support charitable campaigns against cancer , and in 2014 she joined the One Note Against Cancer foundation.

In addition to music, the singer is interested in cinema. In 2012, she starred in Leos Carax  Corporation  Holy Motors “, in 2015 – in the disaster movie  San Andreas Fault “in a brief cameo.



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