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 January 23, 2020

Full name Kristen Stewart

Date of Birth

Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA

Aries zodiac sign

Height 167 cm

Weight 48 kg




Kristen’s father , John Stewart , worked as an assistant director , producer and director of various shows on the Fox channel. Apparently , love in the cinema was passed on to the girl by inheritance.

Kristen’s debut in a school Christmas production attracted her first agent to her talent. Having contacted the girl’s parents , he proposed to represent the interests of a small talent , and at the age of 8 , despite the doubts of her parents , Kristen begins to attend auditions for roles in films and television series.


Stewart’s first appearance on the screen was , when she was only 9 years old , in the movie  The Thirteenth Year”, and in a couple of years, she has starred in a serious melodrama  The Safety of Objects,” published in 2001. In 2002, Kristen forced to seriously talk about her talent. Having starred in the movie  Room of Fear” along with the stars Jodie Foster , Forest Whitaker and Patrick Byshaw , Stuart did not yield a bit of professionalism to her adult and more famous colleagues. After such success, the career of the actress began to gain momentum. In the period from 2003 to 2007, Kristen’s creative piggy bank was replenished with very diverse paintings: the thriller 

The Devil’s Mansion ”, the comedy  Forbidden Mission ”, the psychological drama  Underwater Current ”, the melodrama  In the Country of Women ”and many others. Its partners on the set became such Hollywood stars , Meg Ryan , Bruce Willis , Sean Penn. However, the true success of Stuart was ahead. In 2007, Summit Entertainment announced , that Kristen Stewart has been chosen among the many contenders for the role of Bella Swan in the film  Twilight”, the film adaptation of the bestseller by Stephenie Meyer. The vampire saga has become the most popular and beloved tape among viewers around the world ,

and Kristen after the release of the film woke up a real star. For her role in the second part of the saga , “New Moon”, Stuart received two MTV awards at once as the best actress and the prize for the best kiss with her partner Robert Pattinson . Kristen is also the owner of a special BAFTA – Rising Star award.

Filming in different parts of the Twilight Saga, Kristen simultaneously took part in work on other projects. In 2009, she played in the film  Park of Culture and Rest”, in 2010 – in the films  Welcome to Riley” and “On the Road”, and in 2011 she agreed to appear in the film  Snow White and the Hunter” along with Charlize Theron.

In the world of fashion, Kristen is also a sought-after person. For example , in 2012, she became the face of a perfume from Balenciaga.

Personal life

Since 2004, Kristen Stewart dated actor Michael Angarano. Young people began a romantic relationship on the set of the movie  Speak.” However , when Kristen began acting in Twilight in 2008, a chill ran between the lovers , and already in 2009 they broke up. Soon, photos began to appear in the press of Stuart with her partner in the vampire saga Robert Pattinson. And not just pictures of the paparazzi , and house frames , made by the children themselves. The whole world was looking forward to confirming the romantic relationship of the star couple who played their favorite characters , but the young people were in no hurry to advertise their relationship ,

saying , that they are just friends.

Despite this , in 2010, Robert at Christmas already introduced his girlfriend to his parents , after which the love of Kristen and Robert was no longer possible to hide. In July 2012 it became known , that Kristen has changed her lover , but soon after began to appear the rumors , Robert forgave her, and their relationship to get by. However, a little later they finally parted.

In 2015, there were rumors , Kristen Stewart meets the girl – with his assistant Alicia Kargil. The actress herself does not comment on this matter.


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