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 March 18, 2020

Katie Holmes Career movie , actress , model , producer , fashion designer
Date of Birth December 18, 1978 Sagittarius
Age 41 years old
Place of Birth Toledo, USA
Height 175
Family status divorced


Katie Holmes is an American actress who for a long time was perceived exclusively as a television performer. Thanks to her participation in the superhero action movie, she managed to get into the ranks of Hollywood stars. The artist is known not only for her works – for a long time her name was associated with the superstar of the “dream factory” Tom Cruise .

Childhood and youth

Katie Holmes was born in Ohio, in the provincial town of Toledo, near the beautiful shores of Lake Erie. Katie became the youngest child in the family. She has three sisters and a brother. Mother Kathleen Stoners is a housewife, and father Martin Joseph Holmes is a lawyer who specialized in divorce proceedings.

The family was very religious. Children with parents were parishioners of the Baptist Christian Church in Toledo. Instead of a regular high school, Katie attended the Notre Dame Girls Academy. The future actress participated in the life of a team of fans and other school organizations, played in teenage plays and musicals.

Katie began her creative biography at the age of 14 with a modeling career. At the age of 18, the girl already participated in a beauty contest in New York. Actually, at this event she was noticed by the producer of the film “Ice Wind” and suggested that Holmes take samples.


At the casting, Katie Holmes recited an excerpt from Harper Lee ’s famous novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” and got the role of Libbets Casey, a teenage girl. The film critics liked Katie’s game, and she immediately received a new offer – to star in the television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” but because of her studies, the girl refused to participate in the project.

Nevertheless, a year later, Katie returns to the set and begins to play the main role in the television series Dawson’s Creek. The drama did not leave the screens until 2003.

For the first time on the big screen, Holmes appeared, starring in the movie in the style of black humor “Kill Mrs. Tingle” directed by Kevin Williamson.

The successful project for Katie was the blockbuster “Batman: The Beginning”, in which the actress played one of the main roles –Batman ‘s girlfriend Rachel Dawes. Despite the fact that the film was expected to succeed, the actress herself received the Golden Raspberry Award.

Then came roles in films such as The Telephone Box and The Singing Detective. There was also the satirical comedy “They Smoke Here”, the thriller “Don’t Be Afraid of the Darkness” and the biographical film “The Kennedy Clan”, in which the actress reincarnated as Jacqueline Kennedy . In many ways, Katie succeeded because of the apparent external similarity with the wife of the former US president and a similar haircut.

In 2013, Katie Holmes returned to television and began acting in the Ray Donovan television series from Season 3. She got the role of charming businesswoman Paige Finney, who turns to the main character for help. Later, in the filmography of the artist, the public interest was caused by the series “Dangerous Communications” and the historical drama “Woman in Gold”.

In 2017, the performer’s repertoire featured the main roles in the comedies Dear Dictator and Logan’s Luck. In the second of them, Holmes played along with Channing Tatum . The main premiere of next year for the artist was the work in the crime comedy “Ocean’s 8 Friends”, which also starred Sandra Bullock , Cate Blanchett , Anne Hathaway , Rihanna and others.

Personal life

The actress has always aroused increased interest from the opposite sex. Her chosen ones at one time included Dawson’s Bay partner Joshua Jackson , American actor Chris Klein , with whom she was ready to go down the aisle.

Hollywood star Tom Cruise became a truly great love for Holmes. The actors were first noticed together in Rome, where there was a public party for movie stars, in 2005. Lovers were not embarrassed by the age difference: the artist is 16 years older than his chosen one. Holmes was also not upset that they were taller than a boyfriend (Katie was 175 cm tall with a weight of 55 kg, and Tom – 170 cm).

In the same 2005, at the Oprah Winfrey show, Tom Cruise officially announced a relationship with Katie Holmes, and in April 2006, the actress gave birth to a daughter Suri. In the fall of the same year, the actors got married. The wedding took place in an Italian ancient castle.

The marriage with Tom Cruise lasted 6 years. Katie decided to part with her husband because of her husband’s excessive passion for unconventional religion – Scientology. Having become a married follower of this movement, after the divorce, Holmes converted to Catholicism.

In 2013, Katie again, after a break in her personal life, fell into the lenses of the paparazzi cameras with an attractive man. Journalists photographed actress and her colleague Jamie Foxx dancing and hugging at a club in Hamptons. To reporters’ questions about the relationship, both denied a romantic connection, but periodically continued to appear at social events together.

Katie Holmes is not hiding from fans. The actress maintains an account on Instagram . But among the many photos there was not a hint of joint frames with an alleged lover.

In 2016, Katie Holmes began wearing a ring on her ring finger. At the same time, the engagement ring was noticed by Jamie Foxx, which gave rise to a new wave of rumors. The audience was sure that the reason for such a long conspiracy was the contract that Katie signed during the divorce proceedings with Tom Cruise.

Allegedly, the ex-husband obliged Holmes not to advertise his personal life for 5 years in exchange for $ 5 million and the full maintenance of his daughter on his part. This deadline has expired in 2017. Since that time, Holmes was not bound by any obligations, so the lovers were able to appear in public without hiding.

Katie is active not only on the set. The actress, who is famous for her slim figure, along with her friend Jeanne Young released a line of fashionable clothes Holmes & Yang. She also became the face of the famous brand Ann Taylor, often takes part in advertising campaigns for cosmetics and products for women.

The actress herself was not accustomed to starring frankly: during a life together with Cruise, a passionate Scientologist, she practically did not appear in public in a swimsuit, but in relation to everyday and festive outfits, Katie always showed great taste.

Katie Holmes now

Now the actress devotes a lot of time to her family and social life. She attends performances of the American Ballet Theater with her mother, presentations of domestic companies and other events.

In 2019, Holmes began work on her role in the horror film Doll – 2: Brahms, which is set to premiere in 2020.



  • 1997 – The Ice Wind
  • 1998-2003 – Dawson’s Creek
  • 1999 – Kill Mrs. Tingle
  • 2003 – “Telephone Box”
  • 2003 – The Singing Detective
  • 2003 – April Fragments
  • 2005 – Batman: The Beginning
  • 2010 – Do not be afraid of the dark
  • 2011 – The Kennedy Clan
  • 2014 – Miss Meadows
  • 2015 – Ray Donovan
  • 2015 – “Woman in Gold”
  • 2017 – “Luck of Logan”
  • 2018 – Ocean’s 8 “Friends”


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