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 August 30, 2019


Katie Cassidy is an American film actress, model and singer. Born into the family of David Cassidy, a famous actor, and model Sherry Williams, November 25, 1986 in the city of angels, Los Angeles. Some time after the birth of Katie, the parents decided to divorce, and mother and daughter left for Calabasa, where the girl received secondary education.


In addition to dad, in the Cassidy family, the actors were grandfather, both grandmothers, as well as uncle. It is logical that with such an actor’s heredity, a girl from childhood was interested in the field of show business, was fond of gymnastics. A little later she became interested in choreography, singing, acting, playing the guitar and piano.

The girl agreed with her parents that she would seriously engage in acting only after graduation, but failed to keep the promise. In parallel with her studies, Katie Cassidy attended acting classes, starred in TV shows and worked as a model.


Despite her busy filming, the girl was able to graduate from school and shortly afterwards she was assigned a role in the project “Seventh Heaven”, as well as in the film “Sex, Love and Secrets”.

Katie Cassidy’s serious film debut took place in 2006 thanks to the horror film When the Stranger Calls. Then the girl participated in such popular films as “Hostage”, “Click”.

Loud fame came to our heroine thanks to the super famous and revered TV series “Supernatural”, in which she brilliantly embodied the image of the demon Ruby. Interestingly, Cathy initially auditioned for the role of a thief of amulets and artifacts, Bella Talbot, and for the role of demoness she had to learn kickboxing.

At the end of the third season, the movie bosses did not know what to do with this role, so they left the choice for Katie – to leave or stay. The actress was just offered a role in the TV series Harper Island, in which she really wanted to star, so Katie left the Supernatural.


2010 brought Katie a role in the television series Gossip Girl. Her game was highly praised by critics and spectators, she was even nominated for MTV Movie. In 2011, Katie auditioned for the shootings in the series Strela, and in 2013 she was assigned the role in the thriller Kill For Me.

The actress’s personal life is no less successful than her career – from 2004 to 2007, she met with Jesse McCartney, even took part in the filming of one of his videos. After the break, the couple maintained friendly relations.

Cassidy also had a romantic relationship with Jarrett Stoll, Jerry Ferrara, Greg Raposo.


n her free time, the girl is engaged in self-improvement, practices yoga. The actress also leads the fashion block tomboykc.com, the creation of which comments as follows: “I stopped listening to other people’s opinions for a long time and started dressing the way I want and found out that many people like it. I would like the site to inspire users, to help them relax. ”

In addition to clothes, Katie purposefully covers her body with a tattoo – the right ankle is decorated with four stars, the left one is decorated with philosophical inscriptions “Know yourself”, “Be yourself”, “Love yourself”, and the phrase that characterizes our heroine is perfectly tattooed on the back – “I myself choose the path in life.”

The best films:

  • Arrow
  • Supernatural
  • Gossip
  • Harper Island
  • Black christmas
  • Hostage

Video trailer for the movie with Katie Cassidy “Pussy”

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