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 August 24, 2020

Karol Sevilla  Biography

Mexican actress Carole Sevilla became famous as a child. The girl became the star of the television series “I am the Moon”, and subsequently continued her career as a singer and video blogger. Now she continues to star in TV shows, record songs and run a YouTube channel, which is followed by millions of subscribers.

Karol Sevilla  Childhood and youth

Karol Itziteri Pina Cisneros was born on November 9, 1999 in the capital of Mexico. According to the zodiac sign, the singer is Scorpio. The girl was brought up in a simple family that did not have enough stars from the sky. Her father, Javier Pigna, worked as an electrician and plumber, while her mother, Carolina Cisneros, was engaged in the household and raising children. The actress has two older brothers, Angelo from her father’s first marriage and her own Mauricio.

When Angelo’s mother died, he moved to live with his father. It is known that the young man was born with cerebral palsy. Little Karol was a beloved princess in the family. Already in early childhood, she showed artistic and musical abilities, in which her grandmother Bertha Hernandez Sevilla, whose surname became the pseudonym of the young star, fervently believed.

The woman began to take her granddaughter to auditions, which quickly bore fruit. The big-eyed brunette attracted the viewer with her beauty and soulful acting, and this soon made her a sought-after child actress. The girl herself was very fond of Disney channel children’s TV shows like Hannah Montana and Violetta, as well as cartoons, of which Frozen became her favorite.

In an interview, the girl admitted that she does not consider herself a star. The Mexican believes that everyone is naturally given a talent that he must develop. Karol considers his main abilities to be singing, dancing and acting. To achieve heights in the profession, Sevilla studied at the Center for the Arts Education of Mexico, an institute at the Televisa television company that specializes in artistic creation and acting.

Personal life

Seville’s personal life has been under the gun of journalists since youth. The attractive girl gained fans as a teenager. It is no wonder that she was credited with an affair with the on-screen lover on the TV series “I am the Moon” by Ruggiero Pascarelli . Romantic pictures and kisses of the couple only fueled gossip, but this relationship did not step outside the screen.

In 2017, there were rumors that Argentine actor and model Lionel Ferro became Karol’s boyfriend. Correspondence has leaked to the Network confirming speculation in this regard, but the girl prefers to protect her personal space and not spread about this. She is surrounded by friends and girlfriends, most of whom live in Buenos Aires.

In 2020, they started talking about Karol’s romance with singer Chaco Rivas. Young people often began to appear together at festive events, but did not officially announce the relationship. However, the fans managed to catch their joint romantic video in the Instagram story , which Chaco hurried to delete after a couple of hours.

Seville is open to fans through social media. On Instagram, which has millions of subscribers, the Mexican woman regularly shares news and posts fresh photos. Numerous pictures show the slender figure of the actress, who weighs 49 kg with a height of 157 cm. The girl posts short videos in the TikTok application. Fans from Russia lead a group on VKontakte dedicated to the artist. There are laid out the details of the biography, rare interviews and videos with the participation of Karol.

Music and films

One of the first in the filmography was the series “Women Killers”, where the girl appeared in 2009 in a small episode. He was followed by other roles in the Mexican soap operas “Rose of Guadeloupe”, “Dear Enemy”, “To Love Again”. In 2011, the young actress played Maria Luz Lobo, the daughter of the protagonist of the television series Amorcito corazón.

In parallel with his work on television, the teenager participates in the children’s musicals “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Wizard of Oz”. Karol becomes popular in Mexico and tries his hand outside of it. In 2015, she went to the casting of the Disney channel in Argentina, where she auditioned for the role of Luna Valente in the teenage series I Am Luna. In order to get a job, the girl lied that she could roller-skate, and then she had to learn it in a hurry.

The main character of the new project had to not only sing, dance, but also move freely on roller skates, which turned into her “trick”. Upon learning that it was approved, Sevilla wept with happiness. Since then, for the next 3 years, the set of the series has become her home, and partners Valentina Zener, Michael Rhonda and Agustin Bernasconi – family.

Together with the cast of the series in 2017, Karol gave a tour with concerts in Latin America, and later visited the United States as part of the promotion. By that time, the Mexican was seriously involved in music, having recorded the hit A Bailar together with Dani Martinez. The video for the song scored tens of millions of views on YouTube, where the girl started her own channel, laying out the fruits of her solo creativity.

Karol Sevilla now

Since the spring of 2019, Karol has become a judge at the Mexican show Pequenos Gigantes, where talented children of Hispanic origin compete. While the actress is taking a break from filming films and developing a musical career. In 2020, Sevilla participated in the recording of the soundtrack for the Mexican TV series Soltero con hijas. The album with this song was called Vuélveme a Mirar Así.

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