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 July 2, 2020


Josephine Langford is an Australian actress, whose popularity brought the role of Darcy Chapman in the film “Fear Your Desires” (2017). The leading woman in the drama “After” (2019).


Josephine Langford was born on August 18, 1997 in Perth, the largest city in Western Australia. The actress’s mother, Elizabeth Langford (nee Green), works as a pediatrician. Father, Stephen Langford, Royal Flying Doctor physician (an aviation network that provides medical care to people in remote areas of the continent). “Dad and mom treat villagers if, for example, they were bitten by a snake, and the nearest hospital is very far away,” said the actress.

Josephine is the younger sister of Katherine Langford (born 1996), star of the popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Despite the arguments of journalists and haters, there is no enmity between the two sisters. The reason for the disagreement was the videos, mounted in such a way that fans had doubts about their relationship. “When there is little information, people simply begin to interpret the words in any way convenient for them,” the actress shared her thoughts. In fact, Katherine simply refused to discuss her family with reporters.


In the movie, Josephine Langford made her debut when she was 16, starring in the short film by Australian director Rob Winey, Sex Ed. On the set of her second film, the short film Gypsy Blood, the girl again worked with young Australian actress Isabella Bigritti. This time the cast of the film project was several times larger, which allowed Langford to get acquainted with a number of beginners and already experienced actors.

Three years later, the girl was offered a role in her first full-length film. In the fantastic drama “Pulse” (2017), we are talking about a disabled teenager (Daniel Monks) who falls into the body of an adult beautiful woman and, finally, feels recognition and love. Also in the film appeared the famous Australian actress Caroline Brazier, known for her roles in the horror movie “Crocodile” (2007) and the series “Legend of the Seeker” (2008 – 2010).

In 2017, young Josephine went to conquer Hollywood. The girl was approved for one of the main roles in the fantasy horror “Fear your desires.” The picture tells of a teenage girl who finds a magic box, for the use of which you will have to pay too high a price. The director of the picture was John R. Leonetti, the creator of the hit movie “The Curse of Annabelle” (2014).

Having tried herself in American cinema, Josephine returned to her homeland, where she starred in two episodes of the horror series “Wolf Pit”. With increasing popularity, Langford became interested in well-known publications – so the girl appeared on the spread of Harper’s Bazaar Australia and in several other popular magazines.


Little is known about Josephine Langford’s personal life. Fans are guessing – either the actress very well hides her chosen one from the public, or her heart is really not busy.

Josephine is not a very active user of social networks. She does not have a Twitter account, and the Instagram page contains only a couple of dozen photos (although the girl registered on the network more than 6 years ago).


On April 18, , the teenage drama “After”, directed by Jenny Gage, based on the eponymous bestseller Anna Todd, was released on Russian screens. The film is about two young people, a diligent student of Tessa (Josephine Langford) and a rebel with a difficult past Hardina ( Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin ), who are captured by serious romantic feelings. An unexpected acquaintance will divide their life into before and after.

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