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 May 16, 2020


Johnny Depp is an actor whose name has become a recognized symbol of eccentricity and insanity. Debuting in the horror film “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” he was not even about to become a professional actor. However, fate decided otherwise – today Johnny Depp is confidently included in a limited number of the most original and recognizable actors.


John Christopher Depp II’s father, full of his son’s namesake, was a civil engineer, and his mother, Betty Sue Wills Palmer, was a waitress from the age of 14. Before meeting with Johnny’s father, she was already married, who brought her two offspring, Debbie and Daniel. Johnny Depp has one half sister – her name is Christie.

Personal life

Millions of fans are watching closely the news of the personal life of Johnny Depp. His first marriage to Laurie Allison broke up in 1985.

With increasing popularity, the list of novels by a Hollywood star was rapidly replenished with new names. The constant thirst for freedom, a complex character, combined with the temperament of Johnny did not allow the relationship to become long-lasting. Depp had flashes of romance with Kate Moss , Eva Green , Sherilyn Fenn , Winona Ryder , but offers from the idol of millions of beautiful women did not wait.


One of the first films where Depp was called was the telebiography of the great hipster Jack Kerouac , and a full-fledged debut on the movie screen took place in the cult horror film “ A Nightmare on Elm Street ”. The beginning actor, director Wes Craven, entrusted the role of Glen Lanz and was pleased with the choice: Dapp made a strong impression on Craven. The audience liked the picture, and Johnny went headlong into the movie career.

A minor role in Oliver Stone’s “Platoon”, where Johnny Depp played Private Lerner, did not bring success: in the final version, all scenes with the private were cut out. But the work in the series for the youth audience, which became hits thanks to the handsome Johnny, glorified the young actor. Jump Street 21 was released in 1987 and stretched over 4 years. In the series, as a guest, the same age as Depp Brad Pitt appeared . The project brought Johnny the frenzied popularity and hated idol status of underage girls.

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