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 May 4, 2020

John Cena is a famous Hollywood And Wwe Stars


On the account of the American wrestler 25 championships won, of which 16 are of world importance. The athlete is a 13-time WWE heavyweight champion and a 5-time United States WWE champion. And John Cena starred in 17 films and gave fans a rap album, which took fifteenth place on the Billboard-200 chart. A wrestler enters the ring to the sounds of his song “My Time Is Now”.

Childhood and youth

The future wrestler was born in the spring of 1977 in the US state of Massachusetts, in the provincial town of West Newbury. John Felix Anthony Cena is the second of five sons Carol and John Cena. In childhood, the guy was distinguished by excellent health and physical fitness. In his early youth, Sina watched with bated breath over the battles of wrestlers Hulk Hogan and Sean Miles and did not even dream that he would also find himself in the fascinating world of WWE.


The athlete got into wrestling by chance. In 2000, a familiar wrestler advised John to take lessons at WWE’s subsidiary Ultimate Pro Wrestling. This sport did not seem to be a stranger to Sina – his father in West Newbury played amateur games. John Cena took the first steps in wrestling with confidence. Under the pseudonym Prototype, the guy soared to the top: in the spring of 2001, the American took the UPW champion title in San Diego. In the winter of 2002, John had the title of OVW, and in the summer of that year, Sina began her career in WWE. In the federation, he won the absolute championship of America and the title of Wrestlermania XX at the Big Show games.

In early 2003, John Cena, wanting to win the championship, challenged the current wrestling champion Brock Lesnar. He got involved in the battle, but lost to Brock on Backlash. The second was followed by a defeat: John Cena lost the professional pay-per-view show Vengeance, which was hosted by WWE, in a fight against Mark William Calway, playing under the name Undertaker. Toward the close of the year, John Cena became a fan favorite by joining Kurt Angle’s team. And in the spring of 2004, the athlete won the US Championship, having adequately withstood the Big Show battle at the XX Wrestlermania.

In 2007, John Cena was the first to defeat Edward Fatou. The spectacle of the fights without rules in which he participated was not inferior to the battles of the great Hogan, whom John admired in his youth. The following years, Sina won the championships many times, second only to the wrestling legends Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino and Bob Bäcklund in the number of belts. John Cena became the idol of Americans and an icon of pop culture, because he managed to prove his worth in wrestling and in show business.


Personal life

John Cena first married in 2009 to Elizabeth Huberdo, whom she had met for several years. But Liz dreamed of a strong family and children, and the wrestling star, whose career went up, did not want to spend time and energy on family and offspring. The couple broke up in 2012. After several fleeting novels, John Cena entered into a relationship with a wrestling colleague, one of Bell’s “twins,” Nicole Garcia.

According to rumors, John Cena and Nikki Bella got engaged, but this time the star took care of the future, “laying straws.” He forced Nikki to sign a 75-page contract to insure against trouble in the event of a divorce.

John Cena is a longtime sports car collector. In his garage there are three dozen models of cars produced in a single copy. The star can afford such a hobby, because his fortune is estimated at $ 35 million. Sina is left-handed. He loves baseball and cheers for the Boston Red Sox.

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