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 August 31, 2020

Joan allen Biography

Joan Allen  bio The filmography of the American actress Joan Allen has dozens of works. Among them are films and series of different genres, from popular entertainment to serious psychological films. The artist’s talent has been repeatedly noted by critics – the woman was nominated for an Oscar three times, but the cherished statuette has not yet fallen into Joan Allen hands.

Joan allen  Childhood and youth

Joan Allen  is often compared with the star of ” Game of Thrones ” Michelle Fairley , as well as Michelle Pfeiffer , appealing to external similarity and trying to find between women family ties. Despite the general type, the actresses are not sisters and are not related by family ties.

Despite the fact that the couple divorced in 2002, they continued to communicate and maintained a warm relationship, which allowed them to jointly raise the child. Judging by the publications on her daughter’s Instagram, she linked her life with the acting profession and graduated from drama school. Among the numerous photos, there are also pictures with parents. Sadie’s filmography already has several roles in short films and  Joan Allen  TV shows.

Joan Allen  herself does not conduct Instagram, and therefore fans find news from her life on third-party resources. Judging by the latest appearances on the screen, Allen is in good shape – with a height of 178 cm, weighs 64 kg. At the age of 60, the actress prefers to refrain from taking pictures in a swimsuit, although her figure remains slim and fit.


First of all, the viewer knows Joan from the films dedicated to Born. In 2004, the actress starred in The Bourne Supremacy, and then in the sequels of the Bourne Ultimatum and The Bourne Evolution, where she played Pamela Landy, the deputy head of the CIA.

In addition, the American woman has almost fifty projects of various genres, for example, the romantic drama “The Appearance of Anger”, where Kevin Costner became a partner on the site . Subordinate to the artist and the genre of psychological thriller. At the dawn of her film career, she starred in the first film, where the character of Hannibal Lector appeared – “Hunter of People” (1986). The first portion of real fame Allen brought her role in the film “Nixon”, dedicated to the biography of the President of the United States. Here Joan played the wife of the head of state, Pat Nixon, and was nominated for an Oscar and BAFTA. Joan Allen

In 1997, the Joan Allen  was again nominated for an Oscar for her role in the drama The Challenger, but she was left without an award. Allen did not win a statuette in 2001, although her work on “Cruel Test” received rave reviews. Throughout Joan Allen career, Joan remains a sought-after artist who has starred in such popular films as Pleasantville, Death Race, The Notebook and Hachiko: The Most Loyal Friend. Joan Allen

Joan Allen now

Joan Allen  now continues to act in films. In 2020, Lizzie’s Story is in post-production, a series about a widow who becomes the target of a dangerous pursuer. Allen got the main role in the project. Prior to that, the woman starred in the psychological detective story “Family”, where she played the mayor of the city, who is going through a family drama associated with the sudden disappearance of her son.

Interesting Facts

  • The Joan Allen  is of German, English and Scottish-Irish descent.
  • Joan admitted that she was extremely shy and acting became an ideal environment for the manifestation of the entire spectrum of emotions that she did not dare to show in everyday life.
  • Like many creative people, Joan Allen  is left-handed.
  • The American woman loves animals; she has a dog at home – Boston Terrier Nora.

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