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 September 8, 2020


Irina Nosova is a Russian actress who became famous after the TV series ” Chiki “. Many note her outward resemblance to Yulia Alexandrova . She receives many job offers and constantly hears compliments in her address. This is embarrassing for the shy artist, but her acting biography is just beginning.

Childhood and youth

Irina Nosova was born on May 2, 1986 in Seversk, Tomsk region. The actress recalls a provincial town in which it is good to live and raise children, but there is no work and opportunities for development. The girl’s parents were ordinary people.

As a child, Irina thought that there was no great love between them. All issues in the family were resolved in a businesslike manner and without much tenderness. But, when the future celebrity was in 11th grade, her mother noticed another woman in her father’s garage. She made a scandal, and it became clear that parents love each other, are able to be jealous and fight for their feelings. Irina Nosova

In 2009, Nosova graduated from the Novosibirsk Theater Institute (course of Alexander Evgenievich Zubov). After receiving her diploma, the girl dreamed of working at the Red Torch Theater, but ended up in the team of the First Theater. On his stage, the celebrity played Claire in Jean Genet’s The Handmaids , Adriana in William Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors , Princess in The Musicians of Bremen. In Irina Nosova  free time,Irina Nosova  worked part-time scoring films.

Personal life

Irina Nosova  doesn’t like to talk about her personal life. Journalists are wondering about the relationship with the director and screenwriter Anton Kolomeits. On Instagram , they publish joint photos, leave touching comments. But in an interview, Irina Nosova categorically denies the novel, stating that they are just friends and colleagues.

The actress calls herself a believer who turns to prayer in difficult moments. She also mentally asks for help from her parents, whom she considers her guardian angels.


IIrina Nosova  cannot yet boast of an extensive filmography. In 2014, Nosova made her debut in the short film Tanya Crying on the Bridge of Lovers by Anton Kolomeyts. The film was shown at Kinotavr.

A breakthrough in her career for the actress was the series “Chiki”. She played the role of Sveta. The idea came from producer Eduard Oganesyan, a close friend who had previously worked with Mikhail Efremov (“Investigator Tikhonov”). Together with the showrunner and Anton Kolomeits, Irina participated in writing the script. The task came down to checking the dialogues for authenticity, because Nosova copied the main characters from her friends and classmates. It was important to her that the characters use characteristic words and behave as in  Irina Nosova  real life.

The series was filmed in August-September 2019 in the town of Prokhladny, in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. Performers of the main roles Irina Nosova, Alena Mikhailova , Varvara Shmykova and Irina Gorbacheva Irina Nosova lived in the same trailer. Together they sang, danced, cried, talked about life, shared secrets. Irina Nosova

Irina Nosova  was acutely aware of the lack of experience, but the presence of Anton Lapenko , the performer of the role of police officer Yura , helped . The artist immediately fell in love as soon as she saw this calm guy with bright eyes. Lapenko joked a lot, made her laugh and helped get rid of her fears. It seemed to many that “Chicks” showed weak men, but the actress believes: they, on the contrary, are ideal. In her opinion, the series just shows what kind of female and male power. Irina Nosova

Irina Nosova now

On September 4, 2020, the first issue of the new season of ” Evening Urgant ” was released, Irina Nosova, Varvara Shmykova and Anton Lapenko came to visit the host. The performers of the main roles presented the series “Chiki” to the general public, drank champagne with Ivan Urgant . Dmitry Khrustalev also took a sip, taking a glass from one of the actresses. Then the guests and Urgant changed their clothes to show a parody of the film ” Intergirl “.

Now Nosova lives in Novosibirsk. She does not want to move to the capital, because she does not want to leave her native theater, where she is loved and appreciated as an actress. Irina publishes new photos and humorous videos on Instagram. But there are no photos in a swimsuit. She assures that she is free for relationships with men.


  • 2014 – “Tanya cries on the bridge of lovers”
  • 2020 – Chiki
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