Interesting Facts About Salman Khan 2020 


 July 9, 2020

Actor is an excellent swimmer

He was a swimming champion at his school and participated in national competitions. “I learned to swim in Indore when I was nine years old,” Salman said during a press conference. – My cousins ​​tied my waist with a rope and threw me into the well, saying that I move my arms and legs and learn to swim. In the well were a pair of fish, a turtle and a water snake. I was so scared that I learned to swim out of fear for my life. Since then I have received many certificates

Salman had several “service” novels

The fact that he met with Aishwarya Rai did not hear only the deaf. However, few people recall that before Aish Salman was in a relationship with actress Somi Ali. And with Bollywood beauty and Miss India, Sangita Bijlani not only played cupids, but even planned to get married.

The actor is a foodie and loves to eat

He will never begin to act on an empty stomach. And he will not allow others to suffer from hunger. There is a known case when Salman called to the shooting of the film “London Dreams” / London Dreams his personal chef to prepare traditional Indian dishes for filmmakers tired of continental food.

Mr. Khan made his debut in the film Biwi Ho To Aisi (1988)

And not in the film “I Loved …” / Maine Pyar Kiya (1989), as many believe. Maine Pyar Kiya became a hit, glorifying Salman, and marked one of the unpleasant moments in his creative biography. In an interview with the Hindustan Times, the actor said that after six months he had been unemployed – the only time in his life when he had not received proposals for new projects for so long.


Salman was supposed to play in the movie “Playing with Death”

Now they almost don’t remember about it, but in one of the interviews of 2007, the actor said that he refused the role of Ajay, which eventually went to Shah Rukh Khan. When the movie script was brought to Salman, he asked his father for advice.


Mascot actor – bracelet with turquoise

Decoration with a large stone can be seen in many photographs of Salman and in the frame of a number of films. There are two explanations for this attachment. Firstly, the bracelet was presented to the actor by his father. And secondly, Mr. Khan was sure that he brings him good luck. Those films where he played in a bracelet, for example, “I give everything to you” / Tere Naam (2003), “Partner” / Partner (2007), were successful. And those where he removed the jewelry – not really.

Salman still lives with his parents

In an apartment building in Bandra and is not going to move anywhere from there. When once an actor was asked if he was thinking of moving to a more suitable star status bungalow, he indignantly rejected this idea. Salman explained that he has many memories associated with his stepfather’s house and would like to stay with his parents.

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Mr. Khan loves old clothes

Do not think that the actor wears second-hand clothes, but he can “carry on” the same jeans, boots and sweatshirts for 10 or 15 years. An Indian movie star is comfortable in T-shirts for only $ 5. By the way, the shirt Being Human, a clothing brand created by Salman Khan in 2012, costs about the same.

Salman draws well

Based on his drawing, a poster for the film “Long Live the Victory!” / Jai Ho (2014) was created. His works adorn the homes of many Bollywood celebrities: Amir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Karina Kapoor Khan, Bonnie Kapoor and Sridevi.


Salman is not a fan of gadgets

He does not have an iPad or a game console, he does not use e-mail, preferring live communication – in person or at least by phone. Until recently, the actor had no idea what a selfie was. When he starred in the Selfie Le Le video (the film “Brother Bajrangi”) in 2015, his sister Alvira had to explain the meaning of the word to him.

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