Instagram Stories – How to Use it to Increase Your Followers 

Michaela Bobulinski

 July 1, 2021

Maintaining a strong and consistent presence over Instagram is very difficult. One just can’t post and generate quality content on a daily basis. Today, many users choose to buy Instagram likes to stay on top and establish a good repute. Because every inactive day on Instagram negatively impacts the account because the followers either tend to lose interest in it or forget it when they no longer see the content. But Instagram has a feature of Stories, which lets the users stay connected with their followers daily.

What is Instagram Stories Feature?

The Instagram Story feature was released in 2016, and with its release, it became immensely popular among the audience! A fact to be spoken, this feature is almost similar to the snaps feature of Snapchat!

Around half a billion people use this feature on a daily basis, and the business handles stand among the frequently posting and highly viewed story handles. In a nutshell, IG Stories have proved to be a crucial part of marketing campaigns that could not be neglected.

IG Stories is an awesome feature that lets people share their creative, diverse, and even raw insights of day-to-day life or routine. IG Stories are featured or say appeared at the top of the news feed of both account holders and the explorer’s page. Now, the interesting part is that Instagram sequences the stories from different accounts on the basis of frequent stories posting. In simple words, the frequent story posting handle gets favored by Instagram as its stories are sequenced first in the explore tab. So one must take benefit of this by posting interesting stories on a regular basis.

How to Use IG Stories to Get More Followers?

While the easy way to get a good number of followers on Instagram is buy Instagram followers cheap, IG Stories are highly effective for this cause. The question is how business accounts can make the best use of IG stories to increase their following? This blog post provides detailed insight into the interesting strategies that can help brands enhance their followers on IG!

Use Highlights to Generate Traffic

The number of views over IG stories depends on the number of followers, but using the right tools brings more followers via stories. This highlight feature keeps the stories available on the profile even after 24 hours, and this feature could be used at its best. So, when new users view your account, there should be strong elements in the profile to convince them. In that case, having a definite bio is important, but there should be story highlights depicting the brand’s sorry to the viewers. Take it as a brief trailer of your business which provides a sense to users about your products and services. By doing this, enormous traffic can be generated to the sales landing page.

Ask for Takeovers

These days, many brands collaborate with influencers to get their sponsored content published over their handle and get shout-outs. There is a new hyped trend in which the brands go for stories takeover by influencers of their choice. This tactic is really helpful in expanding viewership by cross-directing followers, generating exclusive content for the brand’s followers, and networking with relevant influencers. It is actually a subtle form of promotion that seems more authentic and thus has been proven effective in enhancing the reach and generating traffic from IG stories to the brand’s site or special offer.

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Pro Tip!

While doing stories takeover, it is recommended to go for Instagram live, wherein the Q&A can be hosted with the influencer. This gives a dual advantage since the session appears on the live icon in stories of both influencers’ and brand’s accounts. The visibility is highly increased as you get the opportunity of the followers getting landed on and follow your profile from the influencer’s profile.

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Polls and Quizzes

Polls serve as a great tool to maximize engagement, however, these can also be used for audience research. As a brand, you must try to focus on creating interesting and relevant polls. A travel blog may ask about travel destinations that its followers would love to visit, and afterward, some detailed insights about that destination or other related content could be posted, and that published content succeeds in gaining views and engagements.

Even if you get clueless about what to post next, you can use this strategy wherein you can inquire about your audience’s interest and get along.

Use GIFs, Fonts, and Stickers

Using trending GIFs, Fonts and Stickers really spice up the IG stories and keep the interests of followers intact. However, one must know what stuff must be used in stories and when. Oversaturation of all three features messes up the stories’ appearance. Remember, Instagram is centered on appealing presentation and aesthetics.

Reuse the Reels

There is a 15 seconds restriction on IG Stories, which means longer videos cannot be posted as stories. But you might have noticed that transformation videos are a new trend on Instagram, mind you, those videos present a longer story but are shorter in duration. This is possible by merging several short clips of videos and then increasing their speed. Another way is to slice the long video into smaller parts, maintain its flow and transitions and then upload it. Besides, uploading TikTok videos on Instagram is another new trend.

Moreover, Instagram has launched Reels, 15 seconds video that is being used by brands for instant guides, marketing campaigns, etc. However, Reels are featured in the tab next to IGTV, and thus it is preferred posting short videos or in parts via stories.

Use Unique Templates

Different templates, especially questionnaire starts trending over IG every other week. It is best to craft and posts interesting questionnaire templates over Stories. This keeps up the followers’ interests, refine engagement, and also bring new followers.

Last Words

Instagram keeps tweaking its algorithm from time to time, and thus it has become challenging to both grow and maintain followers. IG stories are a great tool to expand the account’s reach and maximize engagement. Many brands have achieved effective results in their ad campaigns by using IG stories.

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