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 July 18, 2020

Idina Menzel  Biography

From childhood, Idina Menzel loved to sing and achieved success in the musical field. She fell in love with the public due to her strong and memorable voice, as well as her participation in the dubbing of cartoons.

Idina Menzel  Childhood and youth

Idina Menzel was born on May 30, 1971, according to her zodiac sign she is Gemini. The parents of the celebrity were far from creativity: his mother worked as a therapist, and his father traded in pajamas. But this did not prevent the girl from discovering musical talent in herself in the early years of her biography. Menzel sang for as long as she can remember, attended vocal lessons and was a member of amateur theatrical plays.

After her parents divorced, the young singer began making money by performing at weddings, which brought her valuable experience in public speaking. She was educated at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, from which she graduated with a BA in Drama. After that, the girl began to build a career.

Idina Menzel  Personal life

In her youth, Idin married actor Tay Diggs, who was her theater colleague. The couple lived together for almost 10 years, raising their son Walker, but then decided to divorce.

Menzel was able to re-establish her personal life after meeting with Aaron Lor, with whom she was married in 2017.

Theater and films

The artist took her first steps to success in 1996, when she made her debut in the Broadway production of La Bohème, playing the role of Maureen Johnson. The image worked for the girl so brilliantly that she was nominated for a Tony Award. 10 years later, the celebrity again embodied the image of the heroine in the film adaptation of the same name.

In the following years, the actress regularly appeared on stage, performing in plays such as “Wild Party”, “Hair” and “Aida”. She became famous thanks to the image of the Elfaba sorceress, who embodied in the musical “Wicked”, set on Broadway.

In parallel, the celebrity was building a career on television, which was not as successful. Idina has had a cameo appearance in Just a Kiss and Ask the Dust, as well as in the comedy Enchanted, where she joined Amy Adams , Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden . The most striking screen image of Menzel was Shelby Corcoran from the youth series “Chorus”.

In 2013, the actress announced that after a long break she was returning to the Broadway stage. She appeared as the main character in the production of Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkie’s “If / Then”, for which she received a nomination for the Tony Award as the best female actor in the musical.

Her acting filmography was replenished in 2019, when Menzel appeared in the thriller “Uncut Jewels” along with Adam Sandler , where she played the wife of the main character. The picture was highly appreciated by the audience and critics.


No less saturated was the musical career of a celebrity. Although her debut album Still I Can’t Be Still never made it to the charts, subsequent releases Here, I Stand and Holiday Wishes were warmly received by fans, and the songs were used as soundtracks for movies and TV shows.

In addition, Idina’s voice sounded in cartoons. She voiced the character for Hercules and then auditioned for Rapunzel: A Tangled Story. The woman never got a job, but her records remained at Disney Studios, and later the artist called back and called for reading the script for Frozen.

The creators of the cartoon were so impressed by Idina’s talent that they not only accepted her into the caste, but also used her vocal abilities to develop the image of Princess Elsa. The audience saw the result of joint work in 2013, when the premiere of “Frozen” took place.

After the success of Frozen, the artist repeatedly returned to voicing Elsa, teaming up with Kristen Bell , who gave Anna a voice. And in 2019, a sequel was released, for which Evan Rachel Wood (Queen Iduna) joined the caste .

Idina menzel Latest

In February, Idina appeared on the Oscar-2020 stage to perform the song Into the Unknown, which in the Russian adaptation was called “Once Over the Horizon”. For this event, she teamed up with singer Aurora and Elzy from other countries, including Anna Buturlina from Russia, each of whom performed the composition in their native language.

Now the woman continues to delight her devoted fans with creativity. She maintains a page on Instagram , where she shares photos and reports on the news.


  • 2001 – “Kissing Jessica Stein”
  • 2002 – “Just a Kiss”
  • 2003 – Late Show with David Letterman
  • 2004 – Save Me
  • 2004 – City Prison
  • 2004 – “Water”
  • 2005 – Kevin Hill
  • 2005 – Bohemia
  • 2006 – “Ask the Dust”
  • 2007 – Enchanted
  • 2009 – “Private Practice”
  • 2009 – Great Performances
  • 2010-2013 – “Choir”
  • 2017 – “On the Beach”
  • 2019 – “Uncut Jewels”
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