I like to be unpredictable Kangana Ranaut Says 2020 


 August 4, 2020

Kangana, there was a stage in your career when you starred in multi-star projects. But now you prefer to play the leading roles … Sometimes you have to make films where you get paid and you move on. I have no parallel business; cinema is my only career … and if I feel that I do not have enough money, of course I have to settle for such films. But I don’t dance at weddings and I never will (laughs).

Now you feel like you have taken a place in the film industry?

Yes. I get so much more respect than ever. This is exactly what I have worked hard for. I love seeing faith in the eyes of directors. They visualize me in completely different roles – Tigmanshu Dhulia saw me as a robber in Rani’s Revolver , Vikas Bahl thought I was a middle-class girl from a small town in The Queen , and Vishwas Patil, my director from Rajo , believes that I am very sensual.

Are you satisfied with your position in Bollywood today?

The position of the actors changes every Friday. The roles that I considered successful – “Gangster” , “Fashion” and “Those Moments” also became my failure, because many decided that I could only play a certain type. I had to break this image, which is why I chose “The Wedding of Tanu and Manu” . And in my future films I will try not to repeat anything that I have done in the past. For me, the recognition that I receive from the audience is much more important.

But what about the choice between critical acclaim and commercial success? What is more important to you?

Critics will have their say, but in the end, only box office success can sustain the filmmaking business. But personally, I will never repeat myself in films just for the sake of commercial success. So when I was offered the Dirty Picture about the massive collapse of a superstar and how she was going through a nervous breakdown, I thought I had already played a similar role in Madhur Bhandarkar ‘s Fashion , or even Those Moments , so I refused … I was also offered Crazy in Love and said no to director Anand Rai because I found a lot in common between that role and my role in his earlier film.”Tanu and Manu’s Wedding” (the main character was eventually played by Sonam Kapoor ).

Which character do you look like the most? 

The superwoman from Krrish 3 (laughs). Only I don’t jump out of buildings.

Was it difficult to play a mutant with superhuman abilities?

In “Krrish 3” I had to look very stylish and seductive, although, I admit, the action scenes were difficult for me. My hair was often tangled in the cables. To tell you the truth, playing a mutant was easier than playing in the movie “Rani’s Revolver” . There, my heroine generally hits people with belts. Every woman will love it (laughs). But I have never played such a cruel role … It is much easier to “beat” people with words and sarcasm, and not with my bare hands (laughs).

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