How to Install & Watch Hulu on FireStick (Sep 2022) 


 September 2, 2022

Want to watch Hulu on FireStick? Do not know where to start? This guide will help you to watch Hulu in the outside US. Keep reading and enjoy streaming! 

Hulu on FireStick would essentially pair one of the best streaming services available with an excellent portable smart TV device, which would make it one of the better streaming services around. In short, it rivals Netflix and Amazon Prime in terms of quality.

Both Hulu and Amazon’s FireStick make an impressive team, offering a top-notch streaming service with a wealth of exclusive content along with a portable TV dongle that lets you watch your favorite shows on the go.

You too want to take advantage of such a deadly combination of Hulu and FireStick but are confused about where to start?

This article will be a detailed guide on how to watch Hulu on FireStick in and outside the US too.

Yes, Hulu is available only in the US but there’s a workaround that will help you to watch Hulu on FireStick outside the US too. Keep reading the article!

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How to Sign up for Hulu Account

The Hulu app on FireStick allows you to watch content but you need to subscribe to Hulu before you can watch.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, follow these steps that will help you how to sign up for a Hulu account:

1. Open Hulu.com on your mobile or computer.

2. Once Hulu is opened on your browser, you can start your free trial by clicking the Start Your Free Trial button on the welcome screen.

3. You will get a 1-month free plan without ads that will let you watch anything from the library without any restrictions.

Click on Start Your Free Trial Button

4. To pay for your Hulu subscription, click on Select after selecting the plan you wish to pay for.

Tap on Select to Choose your Plan

5. After that, fill in your name, email address, and other relevant information on the account creation form.

6. Keep your Hulu account secure by entering a six-digit password and clicking on Continue button once filling up all the details.

Click on Continue

7. Select your payment method after reviewing your subscription plan. Select your preferred method of payment, enter your billing information, and click Submit or Continue.

8. Your Hulu subscription will successfully be linked to your new Hulu account once your payment method has been verified.

Hulu Plans & Features

You must have seen Hulu plans mentioned in one of the images. Getting confused about which one to choose from these? Check out all the Hulu plans and their features below:

1. Hulu Basic – $6.99/month

  • That’s the basic plan. It used to be $7.99, but now it’s $6.99.
  • There is no commercial-free viewing, and there is no downloading.
  • It will be possible for you to share your screen simultaneously with another person, but you won’t be able to access Live TV.

2. Hulu (No Ads) – $12.99/month

  • There won’t be any ads interfering with the streaming.
  • Including TV shows, videos can be downloaded as well as viewed online.
  • With this package, you cannot watch Live TV, however.

3. Hulu + Live TV – $64.99/month

  • With this plan, you can watch 65+ live TV channels and also record it with 50 hours of cloud storage.
  • You can download movies and tv streams using this plan.
  • There will be no ads to interfere while you stream your favorite content.

How to Watch Hulu on FireStick from Outside US

You can find impressive TV shows, movies, and on-demand channels on Hulu, a premium streaming service.

As a result, anyone trying to access Hulu from outside the United States – or from anywhere in the world – will be greeted with an error message.

There are both geoblocking and other rules that account for this. This issue can be resolved, however. Hulu can be viewed from anywhere, at any time, using a VPN.

Here are the steps you need to take to watch Hulu outside the US by using a VPN. Follow these below steps to do so:

  • You need to use a VPN subscription like ExpressVPN which will help you to access Hulu even if you are not from the US.
  • From the location list, select the US server.
  • Start streaming on Hulu without any worry from anywhere in the world.
Use VPN to watch Hulu Outside US

Regardless of what you think, we’re never willing to keep you in delusion.

So, You might wonder, why did we suggest ExpressVPN? It is considered the fastest VPN for Hulu among the highest-quality VPNs.

It provides limitless bandwidth, enabling you to stream Hulu over FireStick without buffering or lags on American servers.

Using this VPN service, users can unblock Hulu and other popular streaming services from any location in the world.

The company has over 3000 servers in 90 countries, including 300 in the United States.

How to Activate Hulu on FireStick

So, now you know how you can watch Hulu on FireStick outside the US using ExpressVPN. You can skip the above step if you are accessing Hulu on FireStick from the US.

Nevertheless, before you can watch Hulu on FireStick, you must subscribe to Hulu (which we did earlier by signing up) and activate your account.

Assuming that you have already installed the Hulu app, follow these steps on how to watch Hulu on FireStick:

1. Launch the Hulu app on your FireStick. To launch the app, click on Find and then the Search button. Type Hulu and click on Hulu from the list of results.

2. A welcome screen will open once the Hulu app is opened, select the Login option to proceed further.

Select the Login Option

3. Once you click on the Login option, you will be provided with two options, click on Activate on Computer. An activation code will be generated for account authorization.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate Hulu. Go to hulu.com/activate from another device and enter the activation code.

5. Make sure you enter it within 30 seconds before it generates a new code.

6. You will receive an email from Hulu regarding the continuation of the activation process after you activate your device.

7. Alternatively, enter your Hulu credentials on the welcome screen, then select Login on this device. 

That is it, you have successfully activated your Hulu account on FireStick.

How to Watch Hulu on FireStick

With your Hulu account activated, you can access Hulu’s streaming library using FireStick to watch top-notch content.

Open the Hulu app, browse the wide library, click on any movie or TV series you wish to watch and it will start streaming.

Ain’t that easy enough to watch Hulu on FireStick TV?

What Can you Watch on Hulu with FireStick

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve made Hulu your favorite streaming platform, and are looking for great content on Hulu.

A variety of channels are available on Hulu, including Starz, ABC, Fox, ESPN, and more.

Viewers have hundreds of viewing options to choose from, including films such as Parasite, The Messenger, and American Animals, as well as TV dramas and documentaries.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Last Man Standing, Godfather of Harlem, and Shark Tank are also popular shows.

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Compatible Fire TV Devices with Hulu App

These are compatible Fire Devices that you can use to watch Hulu on Fire Stick:

  • Fire TV Cube (1st Generation)
  • Fire TV Cube (2nd Generation
  • Amazon Fire TV Recast
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Problems of Watching Hulu on FireStick

There may be some issues with Hulu on the Fire TV Stick, but that is to be expected for all streaming services.

If you load commercials, switch between episodes, or load live television, the program may freeze.

On rare occasions, the app may simply crash and not load again. A resetting of either the app or the FireStick will usually fix Hulu’s problems.

How to Solve Hulu Loading Error on FireStick

Follow these steps if you have trouble loading Hulu content or it takes too long to play one:

  • Select Settings from the menu.
  • To access Hulu, click on Applications > Select Hulu.
  • Make sure to click on Clear Cache and Clear Data options.
  • Once it is done, exit the Settings, restart Fire Stick, and reopen the Hulu app once again.

The issue should not persist if you play any other content title again. It may be necessary for you to reinstall the application if the issue has not been resolved.

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How to Solve Hulu Buffering issue on FireStick

Are you facing any buffering issues while watching any content on Hulu? We recommend following the steps below that will help you to solve Hulu buggering issue on Fire Stick:

  • First, you need to switch off your Fire Stick TV, wait for a minute, and restart it again.
  • Once Fire Stick is opened, you need to uninstall the Hulu app.
  • Now switch off Fire Stick TV once again and restart it.
  • Install the Hulu app and hopefully, this solution will resolve the issue.

Here are other 10 ways that can help you to fix the buffering issues on FireStick.

A Quick Takeaway

There are a few devices that include Hulu support, including the Amazon FireStick. We’ve covered all the important points in regards to watching Hulu on FireStick in this article.

This article has also included steps on how to watch Hulu on FireStick if you’re someone who’s residing outside the US.

The procedures for signing up, activating, and resolving buffering problems are now clear to you.

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Despite this, you probably know that Hulu is only available in the United States. Using it from outside of the United States requires the use of a VPN service, such as ExpressVPN.

These days, there are several on-demand video streaming services available, including Hulu.

Our main motive was to walk you through the process of getting and watching Hulu on your FireStick. The Amazon App Store makes it easy to access the Hulu app. Happy streaming!

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