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 July 7, 2019

Biography of Hugh Jackman


He is an Actor, producer

His Nick name is Kat

He was born on 12-10-1968 in  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Height: 159 cm Weight: 70 kg

His Age is 50  years old in (2019).

His  Star Sign Cancer

He is Still Single.



Hugh Jackman was born in a family of immigrants from Britain. Hometown for Hugh became Sydney, Australia, where he spent his childhood. At the age of eight, Hugh witnessed his parents’ divorce. The boy’s mother decided to change her life and left the children to her spouse, disappeared from the life of her relatives. Soon the father of the family found his soul mate. Fortunately, the new mother, Hugh, was a kind and responsive woman and did her best to establish good relations with the children. However, most of the upbringing of children still took over their father. The stern man did not tolerate in the family of whiners and weaklings, therefore in their family it was forbidden to give up and go off the path planned in life. During his school years, the boy always diligently studied and tried to achieve high results. While still a schoolboy, Jackman became interested in the world of theater,

Student years

His first experience on the stage was the production of “My Fair Lady”. After graduating from school, Jackman was not sure what he still wanted to do in the future, and so he went to England for a year to see his father’s homeland. Upon returning home, he did his best to enter the University of Technology. In 1991, the young man completed his studies and received a journalist diploma. Immediately after receiving a diploma, Hugh enrolled in acting classes and began to comprehend all the subtleties of the game. At the beginning of his acting career, the young man could not even imagine that his dream would soon come true.


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Film debut

In 1994, Jackman was first offered to take part in the shooting. The debut project for the young actor was the series “Corelli”, which told the audience the story of a psychologist working with prisoners and their experiences. The project was successful and for some time was broadcast on television, but did not bring recognition to the actor. In order not to waste time in vain, Jackman returned to theatrical activities and began to actively participate in the creation of musicals. In 1996, the actor took the wife of Deborru-Lee Furness, the age difference was 13 years. However, these feelings do not know the age limits and this did not prevent the couple from finding happiness. Hugh’s wife supported all his endeavors and pushed him to the top. In 1998, the actor showed his abilities on stage in the production of the musical “Oklahoma!”.

Fateful project

In 1999, filming began on the film “Oklahoma!” And the main role offered to Jackman. In the same year, the actor will fall into the casting of a fateful role in his career. In the project “X-Men” the role of Wolverine did not long empty, almost immediately after casting Dougray Scott got the role. But Jackman was never answered, leaving him in the dark. However, the actor refused to participate in this project for the sake of another more interesting film for him and Jackman was immediately summoned to the set. When Hugh arrived in Toronto, where the shooting took place, it turned out that he had been working for more than a month. This meant that he had to join the team, which managed to become friends with each other. But the smiling and kind young man quickly found a common language with the film crew and the process of making the film went at full speed.


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The process of creating Wolverine

The work on this film made Jackman literally change dramatically. To meet his character, the actor had to go on a high-calorie diet and gain about 10 kilograms as soon as possible. If weight gain did not bring much difficulty, then the transformation of all this weight into muscles caused Jackman to sweat. The director of the project wanted from the actors maximum resemblance to their characters, for this Hugh had to learn karate and various methods of hand-to-hand combat. After entering the X-Men screens, Jackman woke up famous. Almost instantly, he became the most desired actor in Hollywood and it is not only about wanting to cooperate with him. Thousands of fans around the world began to closely monitor the rising star.



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A rich choice of a successful actor

Not surprisingly, his next job was the romantic comedy Kate and Leo. Despite the fact that the actor has long been married, the number of his fans only increased after the release of this film. Having decided to change the image, the actor is removed in the thriller “Password Swordfish” with the partner in the project “X-Men”, Halle Berry.


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The year 2000 gave the pair Jackman and Deborra-Lee a son, whom they adopted immediately after his birth. In 2003, the actor returned to his most famous image of Wolverine in the second part, “X-Men 2”. A new part of the amazing story about the people of mutants fighting against the outdated conservative human society, was met with a wave of incredible love from the audience. Hundreds of proposals for participation in various projects with large fees fell on the actor. However, Hugh did not want to take part in the filming just happy for profit and chose only the roles close to him.

The year 2003 brought Jackman a daughter, the couple decided to adopt a girl and make her a part of their family. Despite the tight schedule, the actor is an exemplary father.

Unusual and mystical characters

In 2004, he took part in the filming of fantasy films “Van Helsing.” The dynamic plot, a lot of colorful fights and a large number of complex tricks that the actor performed without the help of an understudy, allowed the picture to take a special place in the hearts of the audience.

2006 was full of films with Jackman. The project in collaboration with Woody Allen “Sensation” and “Prestige” by Christopher Nolan surprised the audience with their dynamics and unusual actor’s play, the characters themselves were unusual for Hugh. The same year, fans of Hugh Jackman gave an extraordinary fantasy drama “The Fountain”. In this film, the actor showed himself from a previously unseen side, full of tragedy and pain. In addition to these films, the third part of the films about mutants “X-Men: The Last Battle” was also released. Like all the parts before, she did not disappoint the fans with her intense plot and high-quality special effects.



New experience. Unusual side of character

In 2006, the actor gave his voice to the characters of the two cartoons, “Do Leg” and “Flush Out!”. It was a new experience in his career and very successful since “Do the legs” won the Oscar. In 2008, the first motion picture was released, in which Hugh Jackman, besides acting, showed the world his production talent. The “contact list” of the detective story with tangled threads is full of unusual characters, despite the star cast, it hardly paid off the creators.

2009 was for Hugh Jackman an opportunity to show himself from the new side. He was invited to host the Oscar. The actor showed himself perfectly on stage by opening his comic side to the audience. After the awards ceremony was completed, a survey was conducted in which Jackman was recognized as the best presenter of this show. Unusual for an actor this year was not only carrying out an Oscar, but also shooting in an unusual advertisement for Lipton tea. Advertising is performed in a lively manner vaguely reminiscent of Indian cinema and the ubiquitous dancing inherent in the cinema of this country. At the end of 2009, the actor visited Russia in the framework of public relations in the near future films with his participation.

Oscar nomination

2012 brought the actor a role in the famous musical “Les Miserables”. For the magnificent performance of his role, Hugh Jackman was nominated for an Oscar, but the statuette went to another contender. Despite losing in the Oscar nomination, the actor did not remain without an award and received the Golden Globe, for the best male role. In the same year, Wolverine: Immortal was released, the first film telling the story of the character Wolverine from X-Men. The filming was attended by representatives not only of Hollywood, but also actors from Japan and Russia. Despite the full scope of the project, he did not succeed, the fans were not interested in this film, and it was a stretch to pay back the budget.

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Last released projects

In 2014, the story of the mutant community “X-Men: Days of the Future Past” was published. In contrast to the Wolverine film released a year earlier, the continuation of the mutant story was greeted by the public with great joy. World box office surpassed the original calculations, and the actor himself received the largest fee for his career. The latest film about Wolverine was the movie “Logan”, which was released in 2017. The main idea of ​​the film was invented by Hugh Jackman himself. In this film project a new character has appeared which was played by young Daphne Keane , who debuted on the screens in the movie “Logan”. Her character is closely related to Wolverine, Hugh Jackman.

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Interesting Facts:

  • In 2009, Jackman was honored to be the host of the Oscars. Many critics admitted that he was one of the best presenters in the long history of this grand event.
  • Hugh has many talents and hobbies, so I can definitely call him a jack of all trades. He knows how to play the piano, violin and guitar, knows how to juggle with five balls at the same time, and also knows how to vibrate pupils. Jackman loves golf, rugby, cricket, swimming, tennis, and also yoga, which is often engaged even on the beach.
  • In an interview after receiving the title of one of the most beautiful people in the world according to the People version, Jackman admitted that he remains a normal person only thanks to his wife. So after Hugh was declared handsome, and he proudly went to work, Deborra shouted after him, “Hey, sexy fight! Don’t forget to grab trash on the way! ” His wife does not allow him to get caught up and always treats his status with humor, which saved him more than once.


  • Award “Star of the Year” Australian Filmmakers Union (1999)
  • Emmy Award for the best presenter of the 58th Tony Awards Ceremony (2005)
  • Golden Globe Award in the Best Male Role in a Comedy or Musical category for the movie Les Miserables (2013)
  • Nominated for an Oscar in the category of “Best Male Role” for the film “Miserable” (2013)

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