Hublot – Where Art meets Innovation 

Michaela Bobulinski

 April 21, 2021

Hublot Is a Swiss watchmaking company which was founded in the year 1980 and since then has remained to be in popularity and news for its experimental works. Each of the luxurious watches that this brand produces is known to fuse art and innovation together to come up with a completely new and fascinating piece of art. Hublot happens to be the very first brand in the history of watchmaking to have combined a gold dial with the natural rubber strap. this piece had immediately become world-famous, and the entire concept came to be known as the “ Art of Fusion.”

In those days, this concept was completely new and created an immense buzz among the watchmaking industry as nobody has seen or heard of such a concept before. Even in modern times, this brand continues to fuse art and innovation together to create timeless pieces which stand as a piece of art and extremely prized possession. Hublot, as a brand, has always been risk-takers as when they first thought of using gold with rubber, they had no idea if it would become a commercial success, but the risk they took makes the company what they are today. As fearless as their designs are, Hublot stands to be one of the best and most innovative watchmaking companies in modern times.

The Big Change

A significant turning point in Hublot’s watchmaking career was when Jean Claude Biver decided to take over the brand in the year 2004. Under this man’s leadership, Hublot became a prominent player in the luxury watchmaking industry. It is under his leadership that the brand launched its first incredible Big Bang chronograph watch in the year 2005. This watch stood out to be an iconic watch for its design and functions and attracted many awards and recognition for the brand. After this, Hublot came up with many incredible collections, including Big Bang, King Power, Classic Fusion, and MP. The most interesting fact about this brand is its outstanding commitment to the concept of fusion and its regular efforts to come up with innovation and fascinating technology.

As a brand, Hublot has come up with incredible inventions which have blown off the minds of audiences all around the world. Hublot has created its very own 18-carat gold, which is known to be scratch resistant and is certified as well. In the year 2013, Hublot also came up with bright red ceramic, which is one of its kind and the very first in the entire world. The very recent creation by this brand is a sapphire crystal. The most amazing fact about this particular crystal is that it is known to be virtually indestructible and is of the rarest kind.

Five Hublot Luxury Watches are a must-add to your Hublot watch collection.

1.] Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Yellow Sapphire – This incredible watch is another example of Hublot’s most exemplary ideas of innovation. The brand tried fusing copper and aluminum oxide to create a substance that is as hard as diamonds, this came to be known as the yellow sapphire crystal. This watch is made up of the toughest yellow sapphire crystals and comes with anti-reflective treatment. The watch runs with a chronograph movement and has a 50-hour power backup. This watch has a stock of only a hundred pieces and costs $106,000.

2.] Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days Orlinski Sapphire – This particular watch was created in collaboration with the French artist whose name happens to be Richard Orlinski. This all silver watch comes with a faceted silhouette and is made up of sapphire crystals which come with anti-reflective treatment. The watch has a power reserve of about 115 hours and costs $137,000.

3.] Hublot Big Bang Unico Sang Bleu II Titanium – The first Sang Bleu model made and released by Hublot was a huge commercial success, and three years later came the second model, which has been created in collaboration with a tattoo artist who is based in London and is called Maxime Plescia Buchi. This particular watch has a stunning futuristic appearance and almost gives the look and feel of a three-dimensional sculpture. The watch comes with Hublot’s special UNICO movements and a crazy stylish transparent dial. The design is accompanied by a classic Hublot rubber strap in black and costs $25200.

4.] Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT King Gold – In the year 2011, Hublot started its incredible partnership with Ferrari. Since then, both the companies have come across multiple collaborations and have produced timeless pieces of watches which come with stunning designs and fascinating features. The most recent invention under this particular collaboration is the Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT King Gold watch which offers a Limited stock of only 500 pieces, so if you wish to add this particular watch to your collection, do not delay and get your hands on it immediately. the inspiration behind the design of this watch is the spirit of “Gran Turismo.”

This watch comes with Hublot’s incredible UNICO manufacture movement and happens to be the very first of this kind. The watch also offers a fascinating transparent dial which is made from Sapphire crystal and also comes with a Ferrari logo exactly at 12 o’clock. The watch’s body comes in closed in scratch-resistant gold by Hublot, and the piece costs a whopping amount of $38,800. The classic Hublot rubber strap has been covered with Schedoni leather for this particular edition.

5.]  Hublot Big Bang MP – 11 Power Reserve 14 Days King Gold Jewellery – This watch is well known for its fascinating eye-catching design and unique features. the watches decked up with 222 pieces of Diamonds which almost takes it to a level of fine jewelry. For such reasons, this watch is known to be a combination of exclusive luxury watchmaking and the imperial beauty of fine diamond jewelry. The case of this watch consists of 172 diamonds along with other signature design patterns by Hublot. The famous Hublot rubber strap comes in a lined pattern and is elegantly attached to the luxurious body of the watch. This watch costs a whopping amount of $148,000 and is definitely a must-add to your watch collection for people who are keen jewelry lovers.

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