How to Start With Basketball Betting 

Elle Gellrich

 May 25, 2022

Basketball is one of the most followed sports in the world. The current most popular league, NBA, began in 1946 with only 11 teams but is now host to 31 teams. The league is played over seven months, and as expected, there is usually a massive turn-in of bets and wagers.

ONLINE SPORTS BETTING affords you the chance to wager on basketball games and win real money. This is the right page to read if you are interested in betting on basketball. Here, you will learn how to place a basketball bet and other basics.

How Profitable is Basketball Betting?

Basketball betting features several betting markets and varying odds that can give you significant payouts if you win. However, you need to understand how basketball betting works to stake it accurately. Tips to maximize your basketball bets include:

  • Early betting
  • Note injuries of players
  • Leverage the live betting option
  • Bet during commercial breaks when betting live.
  • Have adequate information about the game
  • Monitor your bets

Basketball Betting Markets

Some popular betting options in basketball include:

Double chance betting – Double chance betting refers to when you back two outcomes in one wager. This type of bet doesn’t have the best odds, but it has a higher chance of winning.

Draw no bet – In the “Draw No Bet” type of wager, you would win if your team earned a victory. You also get your money back if the match ends in a draw. It is a bettors’ favorite because the game’s outcome doesn’t affect wages.

Even wager – This type of bet is placed on even odds. An example of even odds is 2.0 or 1/1. It is a common type. Most bookmakers offer new customers promotions if they place a qualifying wager on even odds.

This list is not exhaustive. There are several other wagering lines like Moneyline bets, Parlays, Teasers, Prop bets, and more.

Difference Between Basketball and Football betting

Although the games are different from each other, betting on them follows the same process. Also, they both share several similar wagering options. However, the difference is in their specifics. For instance, while football only has two halves (first and second half), basketball also features two halves but is divided into four quarters. This can impact the type of over or under-betting markets you come across.

How to Place a Basketball Bet

You will find wagering on basketball simple and straightforward, especially if you are an online gambling enthusiast. This detailed guide will help you start wagering on basketball like a pro.

Choose a Basketball Betting Site

You need to choose a befitting betting site and create your betting account. Be sure to select a site that features several offers and bonuses. The site should also offer basic features like live streaming options, cash-out function, and in-play betting to excite your basketball gambling experience.

Sign up

You will need to register with the site and create a betting account. Your details, such as your name, email, etcetera, will be required. The requirements differ depending on the site you sign up for.

Choose a payment method and make a deposit

Choose a suitable payment method and fund your account to start wagering for real money. Available banking options depend on the sportsbook you sign up with. Common payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, and Neteller.

Place your bets

Now that you have funded your account, you can place your bet. Before you do, ensure you have gathered adequate details about the event and choose the match you wish to wager on. Check out the available betting options and stake your preferred choice.

Congratulations on your first basketball bet!

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