How to play at the best legitimate casinos 

Michaela Bobulinski

 February 12, 2022

There are thousands of ways to realize if you are in a legit online casino or on a page that tries to steal your data or is not safe. Through different tools a user, whether novice or expert, can identify if the page he has entered is legal to be able to play with peace of mind.

To know which online casino is legit, it is essential to know what kind of services they offer and their intentions at the moment of entering the site. The pages that are dedicated to scams will not have much information on their site, on the other hand, a legit online casino will.

With the pandemic, the number of users of online games increased a lot and it was logical, given the impossibility of not being able to do certain activities in person. The online modality began to take center stage until it became part of everyday life and thus the best legit online casino began to emerge.

Activities that used to be done with physical people became virtual, even meetings and birthdays were transformed. Players who had to adapt to this type of dynamics found it difficult to distinguish which site was reliable and which was not.

What must a casino have to be reliable?


In order for a casino to be legitimate, you must make sure that it has a certification that gives it legality. You must know if the casino can offer the activities it shows on its website through approval from a governmental institution.

The legit online casino that is endorsed allows the player to move freely within the page, make deposits, and bet because there will always be the regularity of their actions in case of fraud, error, or mistake.

24hr customer service

In the web pages mistakes happen, the web is not perfect because it is also managed by humans, and in case of any unforeseen event or if the user has doubts he should be able to clear them with someone who is on the other side during the time of his visit to the page.

Feedback with the user is fundamental for the legitimacy of the best legit online casino. A player should be able to clear his doubts or ask questions and have someone on the other side answer on behalf of the company.

If a casino cannot offer 24hr customer service, it should at least leave a phone number or email. It is very suspicious to enter a page and there is no way to contact, errors can happen even in the most controlled sites.

Recognized and secure payment methods

It is not only important that a casino has several payment methods but these must be known by all players or at least recognized in the region where the casino is located.

To make sure that your data will not be stolen, the first thing to check is that the site has the aforementioned certificate and that it has a valid way to contact them in case of any error in the payment or deposit.

On the other hand, the payment methods may vary but will always be in the form of transfer, debit card, credit card and some accept Bitcoin.

Secure payment methods offered by legal casinos:

– Electronic check

– PayPal

– Secure payment card

– Master Card

– Bank transfer

– Neteller

– Debit card

– Credit card

Reading user opinion helps a lot

Through forums with comments and recommendations, it is possible to know if a casino is good or bad. This is the simplest way to corroborate it since people on the Internet usually complain too much about frauds and applaud those pages that do give what they offer.

How to know if a casino is safe? Look for the reviews of the casino you are interested in on the Internet. Another thing that is usually done is to create white lists and black lists, the second case is used for those scam sites that pretend to be casinos to steal your personal and banking data.

Finally, a viable option is to ask your acquaintances if they have ever played in such pages. It may even happen that they recommend you the safest one or another one that you did not know and you will have a better experience than you thought.

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