How to Draw a Tree Silhouette 


 February 21, 2021

Trees are very common in drawing. Since childhood, kids are fond of drawing a tree. Every drawing that depicts nature has a tree. Therefore, the artists need to excel in drawing a perfect tree.

Moreover, if we talk about tree silhouette, it is much easier than a colored tree. All you need is the skill to shade accurately. Silhouettes require more shading than drawing. It helps to identify the range of darkness and adds depth to the image. Shadows help to create an illusion of depth on the paper.

The good thing about a tree silhouette is that unlike a portrait, you do not have to put everything in the right place, if you put a branch in the wrong place on a tree; it would still look like a tree.

For a simple tree silhouette, you require a pencil, an eraser, and a piece of paper.

Consider Shape

The first step is to consider shape. The ace of clubs is a perfect starting point for learning how to draw trees. It comprises of a triangle and three circles. The triangle is used in the place of the trunk and circles determine the branches and leaves. As you excel, your artistic vision can picture more shapes too but for that, first, you need to perfect the basic shapes.

Adjust the Circles

Once you have the shape, now you need to adjust the circles. No tree in real has a sphere shape so you need to reorganize the circles in different sizes and extend the base a bit. This will give you the basic outline for the rest of the drawing. Do not stress if the shape is not perfect as it is only a guideline. Gradually when your drawing will take some shape, it will be rubbed out.

Draw Branches

Now that you have the outline, the next step is to draw branches. First, you should always prefer drawing the main branches from the trunk. Once you are convinced with the number, you should go for smaller ones. Always remember that the branches are thick in starting and narrow down towards the end. Moreover, do not make them appear even and straight. Tend to have a more natural look by creating an unkempt look. Secondly, the branches never split exactly opposite to each other. When you have drawn one branch, the other one should be a bit up.

Add Leaves

Now start adding in the leaves. Make sure you decide at this stage the direction of light because the leaves opposite the sunlight will be darker. You do not need to draw every single leaf. Instead, just make an outline and fill it through shading. Your shading should turn into the crown of the three. Now you can rub off the circles drawn earlier. Keep doodling until you feel your tree is full of leaves.

Add Grass and Shadows

Remember, a tree is not flying in the air. It needs a base. Add in the grass and shadows reaching the ground. Now that you have a tree silhouette, you can add in more depth by shading the dense areas and creating sky holes by using an eraser.

Voila! You have your tree silhouette ready. It is true that art is magic. A simple object like a tree turns into a beautiful drawing that is bold, impactful, and attention-grabbing.

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