How to Buy Dr. Powers Hair Loss Treatment 

Michaela Bobulinski

 December 28, 2021

There are several factors that can contribute to hair loss. It may be genetic and age-related, a sign of an underlying health condition, or caused by stress or poor nutrition. Regardless of the cause, it can be difficult to experience.

Your hair is a part of your body and is a reflection of your health. Hair growth (and keeping your hair) is part of a dynamic system, and when things are array, it can trigger thinning or hair loss. Risk factors for hair loss include age, heredity, nutritional habits, environmental factors, stress, health, and overall wellbeing.

Hair loss can look different for each person, depending on the factors at play. For example, is may cause gradual thinning on the top of the head, sudden loosening of hair and shedding, rapid hair loss, or circular bald spots.

In sum, hair loss can happen to anything, which can be very distressing. Fortunately, there is a solution known as The Powers Method. The Powers Method was designed by Dr. William Powers, who used his passion for molecular biochemistry to invent an effective hair loss solution.  Dr. Powers has created a prescription-strength solution with FDA-approved ingredients to develop this hair loss treatment. Initially, he was providing his hair loss services in offer, serving the underrepresented transgender communities. At the time, there was a minimum 2-year waitlist to get it, making his practice one of the highest-rated family practice clinics in the state of Michigan.

Dr. Powers wanted to help more people than those who could physically come to his clinic, which is why the Powers hair loss treatment exists today. The all physician-formulated and tested treatment has been used by Dr. Powers himself.

The treatment works by creating a healthy environment for your hair to grow. The solution takes a holistic approach, addressing everything from the cellular level up to the follicle and scalp. It has used the science of previous hair treatments and evolved. The Dr. Powers hair loss treatment solution utilizes a powerful DHT blocker known as Dutasteride. This is as effective as the well-known Finasteride but without the side effects. When combined with Minoxidil, it is more effective than using one of the products alone. Further, this treatment is topical, so it can directly work on the area it needs to.

This treatment is all-inclusive, meaning it works for people of all genders. It is able to do so by supplementing the core ingredients with Biotin, addressing more significant hair loss concerns. The treatment also contains Azelaic Acid, which works by training your body at a cellular level to regrow hair. Another ingredient known as Tretinoin further enhances the aforementioned ingredients by promoting follicle turnover.

Tea tree oil has also been added, which addresses any inflammation or microbial issues, promoting a clean and healthy scalp that allows the ingredients to work. Lastly, these ingredients are combined with Latanoprost which is notorious for increasing hair growth.

These ingredients have an outstanding record and have been proven to be effective in multiple studies. For example, a 2019 review found that Minoxidil provided remarkable benefits to those with hair disorders by working at the follicular cell level and enhancing hair growth.

It also increases the rate of follicle growth by stimulating keratin strength in the hair. In addition, Biotin, one of the ingredients in the treatment, is shown to increase the speed of follicle growth which means more hair growth.

As mentioned previously, this treatment contains Dutasteride, a better alternative to Finasteride.  Not only does it not have the unpleasant side effects of Finasteride, but a 2017 comparative review found it to be more effective. In addition, the reviews found that the total hair count per cm[2] was significantly higher in the Dutasteride group than in the Finasteride group.

Healthy hair will grow faster, thicker, and more robust. Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and powerful antioxidants help create the perfect environment for hair growth. For example, melatonin is considered a powerful treatment for androgenetic alopecia. This promotes healthy growth cycles and fights against oxidative stress. This will help restore hair and also correct color for more luscious locks!

Thankfully, you no longer need to wait two years to access Dr. Powers’ hair loss treatment.

To make it more accessible and help more people, he has partnered with AgelessRx.com.  AgelessRx is a telehealth subscription service known for its longevity therapies. They offer full-service telemedicine services with ongoing support. As a result, you can visit their website and speak with a specialist about ordering Dr. Powers’ hair loss treatment.

This first-of-its-kind topical spray is formulated for both men and women, and no insurance is required. AgelessRx will provide the prescription, treatment, and ongoing support. You can order a three-month supply that will be shipped directly to your door. Once you receive your Powers hair solution, you will administer the topical spray before bed. You should coat the desired surface area, which takes roughly 12 sprays.

The solution is very gentle and can even be used on color-treated hair. You should begin to see growth with two to three months which the most noticeable results appear between four to six months. If you are using Dr. Powers’ hair loss treatment to restore a receding hairline, you can expect to wait a bit longer, between six and nine months.

Though it is very gentle, some mild side effects are possible. This could include minor skin irritation, peeling of the scalp, and initial shedding followed by regrowth. However, for those watching more and more of their hair go down the drain and see their hair thinning before their eyes, these potential side effects are worth the risk.

Hair loss affects millions of men and women each year. Though some embrace it, many feel a sense of loss as their appearance changes and their hair thins out. But, thanks to Dr. Powers and his hair treatment, this doesn’t have to be the case. You can restore and regrow your hair by ordering the Power Method hair treatment online at AgelessRx.

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