How Important Is It To Spend Time Near Nature 


 February 18, 2021

In the present day, people spend several hours working in front of computers and return home to lounge in the luminosity of TV screens. As people get older, the number of outdoor trips drops, and eventually, it becomes rare for them to plan a trip outside the city’s busy urbanization.

As soon as we step outside, we are exposed to all the elements of nature. Little do you know that nature has many benefits to offer. The best thing is- it’s free, and accessible to everyone. The birds chirping in the morning, the sun reflecting on the ocean surface, gentle breeze blowing are some of its attractive acts, which one can never cherish enough.

Unfortunately, being outdoor and being close to nature isn’t everyone’s first choice. For that reason, we have decided to shed light on the benefits of spending more time near nature.

Benefits For Your Mental Health

For starters, camping at a spot outside the city or a stroll in the park can significantly benefit your mental health. When you are out amongst nature’s wonders, your brain is stimulated efficiently. The pre-frontal part of your brain, which functions to control your body commands, takes this as an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate.

Nature Heals Your Body

We all have listened to the mentioned statement, time and again. And so, it’s time to reconsider it. you can see how even the doctors believe in the healing effect of nature when they tell hospital patients who have gone through surgery to spend more time outdoors or where they can connect with nature more effectively.

A Korean study concluded that when individuals are subjected to urban images, instead of natural ones, the blood flow towards the amygdala increases, which can result in anxiety and depression. Additionally, when people were exposed to natural scenery in the study, such as pictures with a sky background and others of the sort, the blood flow increase was documented in the anterior cingulate, which resulted in empathy and sympathy.

Enhance The Levels Of The Immune System

At times, the body is affected by pathogens, which attack our immune system. Thus, to boost the immune system’s levels, one should take a stroll around naturally-attractive locations, every now and then.

One reason for this lies behind phytoncides, an airborne chemical agent released by plants from rotting and insects. This chemical agent is said to be beneficial for the human body.

Benefits Of Sunlight

When the skin is exposed to sunlight, a process is initiated that leads to the production and activation of Vitamin D. Furthermore; the research has put forward that adequate levels of Vitamin D help in the prevention of certain diseases i.e., osteoporosis and cancer. Another study also depicted that a decreased level of Vitamin D increases the risk of heart attacks.

A Spiritual Practice

For several people, being closer to nature brings a sentiment of serenity, peace, and calmness. Besides, staying close to nature produces brain waves, which are usually experienced during meditation.

Physically Fit

A run around a park or alongside beautiful scenery enhances your estrogen levels and flattens the fatigue curve. Thus, its result makes you physically active and fit.

Closing Word

Who knew spending time around nature could do so much good to your mental and physical wellbeing? Now that you know, change your lifestyle and add some time for spending time outdoors, closer to nature.

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