How Can Keeping Cats As Pets Help Combat Depression 


 February 18, 2021

Depression is a common but serious mental illness. Though in the west, people see it as an actual illness, still there is a lot that no one can understand about it. Depressions affect how to act; the way you behave, and feel. It overtakes you at any time of the day. You might be sitting with your friends, enjoying a meal, and suddenly you will feel there is something wrong. Sometimes, it feels like you are out of breath, and sometimes, it just kills you silently.

There is no connection of age with depression. Anyone can have it. However, the good news is  – it can be treated. There are certain medicines and some methods to deal with depression and overcome it. One of the most effective methods is keeping a pet, especially a cat. You read that right!

Let’s discuss how cats can help you deal with depression.

Healing Power of A Cat’s Purr

Most of you might not know that  a cat’s purr has some serious healing powers. These furballs can create purr vibrations under the range of 20 to 14 Hz. This is medically therapeutic for treating several conditions. Their purrs can minimize your stress, keep your blood pressure balanced, maintain your bone strength, minimize symptoms of Dyspnea, and maintain muscle health. Studies show that people who keep cats as pets are at a 40 percent lesser risk of a heart attack.

Keeping Cats Gives Us A Purpose

Among the most common signs of depression is not wanting to get out of bed. This is not only about being physically weak but also mentally unstable. You often feel the need to disappear and sleep all day. However, keeping a cat will help you avoid doing so. You will be constantly disturbed by your four-pawed friend for food or just because they want to play with you. But this doesn’t end here. You will have to get up and clean their poop box and do other tasks to keep your friend happy and in a good mood. It is like having a purpose.

A Great Distraction

Cats are amazing friends. The adorable cat face can make you smile, worry, laugh, or even mad at times. They have the ability to keep you distracted for a longer period, even without you knowing it. You will spend an hour playing with them not thinking about what’s making you anxious and that’s all you need to do, keep yourself busy and distracted.

Love And Care

Being in the company of a cat is full of happy moments. You two develop a bond. It plays with you, asks for your attention, annoys you, and makes you move even on the days you do not want to.

Most people say cats are heartless, and they do not care no matter how much you love them. Actually, cats have their own way of showing they care about you. For example, they would like to sit with you and do nothing, but that is their way of telling you that they choose you.

So if you are dealing with depression, keeping a cat can help you minimize it to a greater extent. You will start feeling better about yourself. The idea of going home to a furball after a long day at work is pleasing enough. It is like having a best friend around you all the time!

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