How Can Color Affect The Feel Of Living Spaces 


 February 18, 2021

Believe it or not, correctly contrasted color combinations of furnishings and rooms of a house have a lot to do with one’s mental wellbeing and mood. There was a time when choosing suitable color combinations was a matter of least interest amongst individuals and all they got excited about was choosing a color for painting any wall. Not much thought was given to whether it would go with other elements of interior décor and would it be suitable for a particular space or not.

However, today, there are people who pay attention to choosing color and interiors according to space, where investing a little more time and money pays them a lot. Contrarily, the demand for interior designers has also grown with the increasing desire amongst people for aesthetically pleasing homes with luxurious interiors.

Dimensions, furniture, and other decorative accessories, all add up to make your space look beautiful but the color of your walls and ceilings is the primary factor that can affect everything else in your space, where wall color in contrast with that of furnishings looks phenomenally out of the world. In case you have opted for a dark theme, go for the color range which would complement your dark background. The color contrast between primary and accent plays a great role, affecting not just the environment but also the size of your space. Generally, lighter shades of walls make space look more expansive; so is the case with ceilings which are often preferred to be kept white.

There are a variety of colors one can opt for, ranging from lighter to darker hues, each tone having a different effect. The art of choosing the right shade is all it takes to make your space look aesthetically appealing.

In this blog post, we will look into which color would best suit which space and why shedding light on some spaces generally found in any house:

Front Entryway

If you want to impart a good first impression, paint your entryway red. This intense color is known for increasing excitement and alertness. Yellow is also most-liked for this region as it imparts positivity, making the area look bigger and welcoming.

Gathering Space

If you want to create a fun environment and have space in your home where you can have gossips or heart-to-heart conversations with your friends and family, orange is your go-to color.

Living Room

Green is known to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, serving to provide the right space to relax. Other than green, red can also be used in this region, because of its quality to bring about excitement in conversations and mood.


Yellow is the color for this space and creates a cool environment. Green is also the color of choice as it gives the sensation of cooling things down, as the heat of cooking food.


Think of choosing a color for the bedroom and no other color but purple instantly comes to your mind.  Similar colors like blue and green are also known to impart a soothing and tranquilizing effect to your room. Blue aids in sleeping and imaginative thinking as well.


Blue is oftentimes the color of choice for bathrooms and so is yellow.

Colors play a significant role in boosting one’s mood up and health. There is a reason why chromotherapy is a thing these days. When choosing colors for your home, pay attention to color psychology and that the color you are opting for, whether trendy or not, would serve you well or not. Because believe it or not, colors can have an effect on the feel of living space!

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