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 March 20, 2020

Henry Cavill is a British actor known for his role as Superman in the movie Man of Steel.



He was once named the most unlucky person in Hollywood, losing the roles of Batman, Superman and James Bond to Christian Bale, Brandon Routh and Daniel Craig, respectively. –

After his debut in “The Monte Cristo Count,” the actor began acting in a fairly large number of films, such as HellRaiser 8, Little Red Riding Hood, Bloody Creek, and Stardust, but he became famous for his role as a sticky duke in the series The Tudors. After this series, he continued to work in several films, including War of the Gods, Agents of A.N.K.L. and the most amazing movie about Superman of all time is Man of Steel. -\


Childhood and Youth

Henry Cavill was born May 5, 1983 in the family of Colin Richard Cavill, a native of Chester, England, and Marianne Dalgliesh, who is partly Irish, partly English and partly Scottish. His father worked as a stockbroker, and his mother was a housewife. He is the fourth of the brothers. –

Cavill was educated at St. Michael’s Preparatory School, and then went to Buckinghamshire, England to attend a boarding school called Stow School. Henry began to show interest in acting from an early age, he participated in school plays, for example, in the production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” As a young man, Cavill wanted to join the army and serve his country. At Stow School, he participated in the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) training program. He also showed a penchant for sports, especially rugby, but refused to play due to injury.




Cavill’s acting career began when he was 17 years old. He was noticed in a school production and starred as Albert Mondego in the movie “Count of Monte Cristo.” Henry Cavill then appeared in the movie Lagoon (2001) and the television series Inspector Linley Investigates, in the television movie Goodbye Mr. Chips (2002). Good roles began to come to the actor when he reached the age of 20 years. Over the course of three to four years, films with Henry Cavill appeared: “I Capture the Castle” (2003), “Hellraiser 8” (2005), “Little Red Riding Hood” (2006), “Tristan and Isolda” (2006) and Stardust (2007). 

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In 2007, Henry Cavill got the role of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk in the Tudors mega-series. The series was nominated for Golden Globe (2007), and also received an Emmy Award (2008). In January 2011, it was announced that Henry Cavill was selected for the role of Superman in the film “Man of Steel” (released in 2013). The film was a huge success and became the highest grossing Superman movie of all time. The actor, being British by birth, became the first non-American Superman and the first with whom Christopher Reeves signed a contract for shooting in several films. Later, the following films were released with Henry Cavill: “A.N.K.L. Agents” (2015), “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016) and Justice League (2017).


Main Roles

Henry Cavill’s main works include the role of the First Duke of Suffolk in the series The Tudors (2007) and the role of Superman in the film Man of Steel (2013), in which his participation was critically evaluated. “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, which was released in 2016, became the most popular film featuring the actor. –



Actor Henry Cavill received the MTV Movie Award in 2014 for his character as Clark Kent / Superman in Man of Steel. He has been nominated for the same role at the Teen Choice Awards, Critics Choice Awards and NewNowNext Awards. Cavill was named the “Sexiest Man of 2013” ​​according to Glamor magazine.



Henry Cavill grew up with three brothers. Consequently, competition was high among boys. All of them were engaged in fitness and sports. Boys, including Henry, were fond of playing rugby. The Cavill family is closely associated with military service. His father served in the navy. The actor’s older brother, Pierce is a former army officer, and his other brother, Nick, serves as a major in the Royal Marines


Personal Life

It is known about the personal life of Henry Cavill that he was never married, although at some point he was engaged to Ellen Whitaker, whom he had been dating for three years (2009-2012). Ellen and Cavill met at the International Horse Show in Olympia. The girl did not know anything about the actor, did not see films with his participation. The English show jumper, Ellen, gradually began to like Henry and became his girlfriend. The couple’s engagement took place on May 4, 2011. But the next year they broke up, as reported on August 18, 2012.

After breaking up with his former lover, Henry met with the artist Gina Carano on August 4, 2012. They broke up in December 2014. His next girlfriend was Kaylee Cuoco, whom he met only a couple of weeks, and finally, Tara King, who was 13 years younger than the actor, he separated from her in 2016. About a year after Henry Cavill broke up with his teenage girlfriend, he began dating a stuntman named Lucy Cork. The couple met on the set of the film “Mission Impossible: Consequences”, but after 7 months the couple broke up. According to the actor’s friends, he is currently free and ready to chat with girls.



Henry Cavill is interested in ancient history, especially in relation to Egypt, Greece and Ancient Rome. His favorite actor is Russell Crowe, and his favorite film is Gladiator. Henry Cavill is 185 cm tall. Rumor has it that the actor can speak nine languages, but is fluent in four: English, French, Spanish and Italian. He does not consider himself a good dancer. According to him, he does not like to dance, but a couple of cocktails changes his attitude to this kind of entertainment.



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