Happy Halloween Card Ideas 


 February 21, 2021

Halloween isn’t really considered a traditional holiday for sending out cards, but it can totally be! In times like these, this is indeed a great idea to send cards to your loved ones and wish them a Happy Halloween.

Since Halloween calls for fabulous decorations, it’s easy to get DIY Halloween card ideas for DIY that are fun and spooky – just what Halloween calls for.

If you haven’t given a thought about making cards for Halloween, don’t worry because we have got you covered. Below are some super-cool happy Halloween card ideas that you are going to love!

Hand-Printed Halloween Bat

Take hold of a black construction paper and some paint. We suggest you add black, purple, and white colors so you are on your way to creating a super-spooky Halloween card.

Monsters On A Paper Plate

Grab some scrap paper in different colors and paste it on the card using some glue on it. You can also add a circle shape eye to give a ghost touch.

Footprint Card

Splash out your feet in white paint, and stick it on your card sheet. Your footprint will give a trace of a spooky ghost. Add a relevant footer, and it will be cute enough to display for years to come.

The Card On Toilet Paper Roll

It might be the ultimate craft for you and your kid, using toilet paper rolls. Catch hold of them, and paint them with fun Halloween characters such as pumpkin, ghost, and ghouls. Don’t forget to add Halloween greetings for your loved ones!

Card Using Happy Halloween Images

This might be the easiest way to craft a Halloween card. Download fun and spooky happy Halloween images from the internet, and gum it on different colored card sheets. You can pour your wishes on the card; give the recipient a feel that the card is specially crafted for them.

Monster House Card

The monster house card would require a little effort and patience from your side. But once ready, you will be proud of yourself. Follow these steps and craft it for your loved ones this Halloween.

  • Cut two pieces of cardboard in equal sizes. Then cut the long side of the rectangular sheet in house shape.
  • Now proceed to paint them on both sides with a bright color. Once completed, let them dry.
  • When the sheet dries up, cut the piece and slit up the center.
  • The piece should be cut in the shape of X when slot together.
  • Now draw a door on the wall, and scratch them out. You can also opt to leave one door attached, which can be bending as a functioning door.
  • It’s time to slide the two pieces of card sheet together to construct a house.
  • You can also create a duct tape border and overhang it on your wall.
  • In the meantime, you can also add house accessories.

Halloween cards are meant to spread some fun on the happening occasion of Halloween. A little effort from your end goes a long way, making your loved ones feel special!

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