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 August 30, 2019


Geena Davis is a wonderful actress, with excellent looks and talent, considering which, her career should have developed much better.

The future celebrity was born in the town of Wareham, January 21, 1956. The girl’s family was average: father is an engineer, mother is a school teacher. Gina’s close relationship with her daughter helped Gina – at school she was the best student, she was distinguished by her exemplary behavior. At the weekend, Gina acted as an accompanist in the church choir, sometimes singing along.

At school, the girl was complex because of her height – 1.83 meters, but this “flaw” helped her get a job at the Zoli modeling agency.

Thanks to the modeling business, Gina Davis got on television – she was noticed by director Sidney Pollack, who invited him to one of the secondary roles of the film “Tootsie”.


In 1983, the actress was offered a role in the Buffalo Bill sitcom, but work on it was short-lived. Despite the short-term success of the series, the young girl was noticed by the producers, and her filmography was replenished with such hits as “Fly”, “Earthly Girls Are Easily Accessible”, “Beatlejuice”.

The efforts of Gina were noted by critics – for the secondary role in the film “Tourist Involuntarily,” she received an Oscar. After such an award, Gina Davis automatically moved to the first acting echelon of Hollywood, which allowed her to play in the landmark films of that era: Thelma and Louise, Angie, Hero.

Noteworthy is the film “Their Own League”, which tells about a female baseball team. Project director Penny Marshall admits: “We invited Gina at the very last moment. There were many contenders for this role, but no one agreed, since the second role was played by Madonna. No one wanted to be in the shadow of a great diva. Gina was the only one who was not afraid of such responsibility. It’s funny, but after filming, she admitted that she had never played this game and did not even know the rules. ”


The best films:

  • Fly
  • Tourist involuntarily
  • Beatlejus
  • Thelma and Louise
  • Their own league
  • Hero

Video trailer for the movie with Gina Davis “Troubles happen”

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