Getting Started for Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Badge? Are Practice Tests Useful? 


 September 3, 2020

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification is the next step to achieve after you obtained the AWS associate credential. Many specialists consider it a natural milestone that they need to pass to strengthen their skills and consolidate their position in the company. AWS Certification Dumps The AWS exam, SAP-C01 by code, necessary for this credential is not easy at all. You will need to be extremely well-organized if you want to excel in this assessment so we recommend that you follow the correct steps during your test prep.

Getting Started with AWS Certification Exam

The path to follow if you want to get the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional badge is not complicated as long as you stay organized and are determined to get this accreditation. Author: Oswald D If you want to be successful in SAP-C01 assessment from the initial try, then you should:

  • Be able to design and manage flawless and reliable AWS solutions;
  • Select the correct AWS services for different circumstances and business processes;
  • Migrate different applications already developed on other infrastructures on AWS;
  • Design scalable operations to improve business performance using AWS architectures;
  • Author: Stanley N
  • Implement different strategies to keep costs under control.

The recommended prerequisites are clearly stated in the exam blueprint. Candidates should have a minimum of 2 years of experience using AWS architecture and using different services to improve business performance. Other than that, candidates have higher chances to pass SAP-C01 exam if they are able to evaluate the requirements for cloud apps and correctly use them when handling AWS architectures. Author: Watkin A On top of that, candidates should be familiar with using a scripting language, AWS APIs or Billing Console, as well as Linux and Windows environments. Finally, your chances of doing well in this assessment will be higher if you are able to design a hybrid architecture using different AWS technology solutions and know how to achieve business objectives with the help of this architecture.

Put Your Bets on Training

Is it enough to meet the prerequisites and have the practical experience to ace your SAP-C01 assessment? Winter >> Discount 20% The success in the AWS exam for Solutions Architect Professional position can be obtained only with intensive training. Fortunately, AWS is a professional vendor that developed different preparation alternatives for exam-takers. You will gain in-depth knowledge of AWS architectures if you enroll in instructor-led training or watch their recorded videos. You can also check community forums and get in touch with successful exam-passers. They will tell you what they did to ace their skills in SAP-C01. Your success in the assessment for this accreditation will be guaranteed if you don’t forget about practice tests. They will help you make an objective evaluation of your skills and understand whether there are certain areas that need improvement.


The Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional badge is the next step that any specialist passionate about AWS solutions should take to leverage his/her career. By adding an international credential to your resume, your chances to get a better-paid job will grow considerably. Discount Spring 25% >> The success in SAP-C01 test can be obtained with hard work and commitment to your prep process. Luckily for you, the AWS website is full of training materials. Also, you can use practice tests to consolidate your knowledge and have no emotions when the assessment day comes.


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