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 July 7, 2019

Floyd Mayweather Jr Biography


Full Name : Floyd Mayweather Jr

Date of birth : February 24, 1977

Place of birth : Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Lives : Las Vegas (USA)

Height : 173 cm

Weight : 65 kg

Performed : welterweight (up to 66 kg.)


All athletes, including boxers, sometime lose, but there are those who have never experienced the bitterness of being defeated in their careers. American Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of them. He doesn’t count the trophies of the highest test: the world champion in the 2nd semi-lightweight (WBC version, 1998-2001), in the lightweight (WBC, 2002-2003), in the first welterweight in 2005 under the auspices of the WBC and in 2006 th – in IBO; and according to the WBC, 2006, 2007 and from 2011; WBA version, since 2014; WBO version, since 2015), 1st medium (WBC version, 2007 and since 2013; WBA, since 2012). Floyd was recognized as the best athlete regardless of the weight of the magazine “Ring” in 2005-2007, as well as in 2012-2015. Journalists called him a boxer of the year according to the same edition in 1998 and 2007 and according to the BWAA version (2007, 2013, 2015).


Boxer’s biography

How not to become a champion of champions, if almost all relatives: father, two uncles at one time gave boxing a lot of strength and health. True, it did not reach fantastic accomplishments, if you do not take into account the success of one uncle – the championship in two weight categories. Therefore, it was not necessary to bring up Floyd, everything somehow happened on her own. Already in the amateur ring, Mayweather, Jr. showed many where the crayfish winter, celebrating the victory in 84 fights, losing just 6 fights. It was already impossible to stop the speeding express: Mayweather won the Golden Gloves championship three times, and in 1995 the American championship. Then the nickname “Handsome” “stuck” to him.. By the way, many people think that the nickname concerned the appearance of the champion, but this is an annoying delusion. After many battles in the ring, the face of our hero remained practically “pristine clean,” which is why he was called Handsome. We must pay tribute to Floyd, who, in a professional environment, where he desperately strove and fell soon, his appearance was kept in the most careful manner. The decisive battles for the title of the 1996 Olympic champion in Atlanta were left behind, where the American master was condemned in a battle with Bulgarian Seraphim Todorov. As a result – only the bronze award of the Olympics. As Floyd himself later noted, this was an additional impetus for the transition to a professional ring.

Debut among pros

In October of the same year, Floyd made his debut among pros. And successful. Roberto Apodaga was knocked out in the second round, as was Reggie Sanders. The following year also consisted of one success: ten wins, marked by nine knockouts! And further, fortune invariably smiled at Mayweather Jr., who, before the title fight, won the title of champion in the first lightweight championship according to the WBC, held on October 3, 1998, 17 fights. Basically, they all ended in knockouts! Surprisingly, over the years, Handsome continued to win, rising from the easy category to the next, heavier one, invariably crushing all his opponents along the way. He kept the conquered belts, adding to them the next. The list of those who have gone the distance, capitulating the invincible champion, is extensive: Arturo Gatti and Sharmba Mitchell, Zab Judah andOscar De La Hoya , Shane Mosley and Miguel Cotto, as well as many others … Floyd’s fantastic successes prevented many from falling asleep. But 49 unbeaten fights and five world titles in different weight classes – is the actual indulgence of the younger Mayweather to be what it is today – one of the best professional boxers of our time, along with another “child prodigy-heavyweight” – Rocky Marciano , never the loser in the ring in 49 (!) fights, like Floyd. The fight, which ended his career as Floyd Mayweather Jr. on September 12, 2015, did not bring sensations: the American Andre Berto could not beat the champion record holder , who once again proved his superiority in 12 rounds.

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