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 August 14, 2020


Even in her youth, Erin Moriarty decided that she would become an actress, and achieved success in this. She captivated the audience with vivid images of heroines embodied in films and on TV screens.

Childhood and youth

Erin Moriarty was born on June 24, 1994 in New York. As a child, the future celebrity was a rebel and sought to demonstrate her independence. At the age of 8, she took offense at her parents and ran away from home at night to take a walk around the city with her friend.

With age, Erin’s violent temper subsided, and her years in high school were quiet. During this period, the English teacher introduced the girl to the plays of William Shakespeare , which inspired her to take up acting. Moriarty decided to sacrifice her college studies to devote time to auditions. In this she enlisted the support of her parents, whom she considers friends.

Personal life

The celebrity prefers to keep his personal life secret and does not talk about it during the interview.


The screen debut of the young actress was the series “One Life to Live”, where she played the role of Whitney Bennett. Shortly thereafter, the girl appeared in an episode of the legal drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Participation in these projects did not bring Erin fame, but allowed her to gain valuable experience and earn money to pay for the agent’s services.

Later, the comedy “Druzhinniki” with the participation of the artist was released. She had the opportunity to act alongside such stars of the humorous genre as Ben Stiller , Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill . But despite this, the picture failed at the box office.

Filming in the drama “Kings of Summer”, which premiered in 2013, was also not successful in terms of box office, but the tape received critical acclaim. Moriarty plays a girl named Kelly, who becomes the cause of a fight between best friends.

In the same year, Erin joined the cast of the series “Red Widow”, which allowed her to attract the attention of viewers. She also took part in the work on the thriller Philosophers. Survival Lesson ”, where Vivian played.

The next project that added to the artist’s filmography was the series ” True Detective “. She managed to create a brilliant tandem with Woody Harrelson , which embodied the image of her father. No less successful was the appearance of Moriarty in Jessica Jones, where she appeared in the form of a serious and responsible student Hope Schlottman.

Participation in the comedy-drama “Captain Fantastic” became a bright event in the celebrity’s biography. The film was nominated for awards at the Cannes and Rome Film Festivals, as well as the Bodil Prize. Although Erin made a cameo appearance, she managed to get a positive response from her loyal fans.

According to the plot of the drama, Starlight is a bright and kind girl who sincerely wants to help people. She is a new member of the superhero team “Seven”, but can not become her own. But she develops a romantic relationship with a member of the “Boys” squad Huey, played by Jack Quaid .

Behind the scenes, the artist easily managed to find a common language with colleagues Anthony Starr , Dominic Mackelligott and Chase Crawford . It is not surprising that with the well-coordinated work of the actors, the audience liked the project, and it was extended for the second season.

Erin Moriarty now

In 2020, the celebrity continues to build a career in cinema, delighting fans with new images. Now she shares her successes on Instagram , where she posts photos and talks about the news.

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