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 March 18, 2020

Emilia Clarke bio

Name: Emilia Clarke (Emilia Clarke)

Birthday: October 23, 1986

Birthplace: London, UK

Height: 157 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Zodiac sign: Libra



Emilia Clarke is a famous English theater and film actress. She was glorified by the American TV series Game of Thrones, where the girl appeared in the image of Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons. The bed scenes in the Game of Thrones with Emilia made her one of the sexiest actresses of our time, according to fans of the saga, photos of Emilia Clark can often be seen in the media.

The early years and the family of Emilia Clark

Actress Emilia Clarke was born on October 26, 1986 in London. However, the girl’s childhood passed in Berkshire.


Emilia Clarke’s mother began her career as a college secretary, and after a while she was also able to achieve success in life – she became a businessman. Emilia recalled how at the age of three she was first brought to “dad for work.”

The mysterious life covered by the curtain affected the imagination of the baby. Since then, all her thoughts were about the theater.

Emilia was actively engaged in drama club at the school of St. Edward in Oxford. Her performances in school theater productions were successful.

After receiving secondary education in 2004, Emilia Clarke entered a very prestigious metropolitan school of art – the London Drama Center, in which many of the most popular English artists in the future studied.


Emilia Clarke’s Theater Debut


Emilia Clark was remembered by the English public for her talented roles in the London Drama Theater. In 2007, the actress received the role of Anna Petrovna in adapting Anton Chekhov’s play “ Wild Honey ” (“Fatherless”). The acting debut was successful, and very soon Emilia Clark became one of the permanent actresses in the theater troupe.

In the same 2007, she got the role of Eliza Dullittle in the play Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw. And many directors began to send her scripts themselves, vying to invite the young actress into their performances. Emilia played with the greatest enthusiasm, took part in many productions. The most successful works at that time were roles in the plays Emilia Galotti , Awake and Sing , A Midsummer Night’s Dream . Clark also collaborated with Russian directors – Oleg Miroshnikov (in “The Inspector General”) and Vladimir Mirodan (plays “Substitution”, “Hamlet”).


Film career


However, Emilia understood that in our time only cinema and television can bring glory. And here is the debut in the filmography of Emily Clark. The actress played a modest role in the series Doctors . But unfortunately this role did not bring the desired popularity.

In 2009, Emilia Clarke received a diploma from the London Drama Center. The girl decided to try her luck in the United States and left for Los Angeles. In the capital of film-dreams and movie stars, Clark joined the oldest non-profit Hollywood theater – Company of Angels. The first and only work of this period for the young Englishwoman was the play “ Feeling ”, which critics and the audience accepted sympathetically.

Emilia Clark nevertheless decided in her biography to focus on the film career. In 2010, the actress ventured to star in the movie ” Attack from the Triassic Period .” In the film, Clark was supposed to play the courageous girl Savannah, heroically fighting dinosaurs.

Game of thrones

But all these were passing roles, and Emilia was waiting for something fateful, something that could drastically change life. And waited. Agent Emilia Clarke reported that HBO * is looking for a girl to play the role of Daenerys Targaryen for the screen version of George Martin ’s novels . Emilia did not even imagine who she would be offered to play in front of demanding producers at the audition. In Wikipedia, the girl read an article about the novel and realized she had to agree, because the character promised to be almost the brightest hero of the picture.

“When I got this role, I almost died of joy,” Emilia admitted. Filming began, full of hours-long flights, bustle and new experiences – but for Emilia Clark it was happiness.

Daenerys Targaryen, performed by Emilia Clark, looked like a mysterious beauty. In all the vestments – whether in silk toga, in plain cloth clothes or completely naked for bed scenes – the actress energetically influenced the public’s imagination. But not only expressive appearance captivated the audience. Emilia’s character was captivating by sacrifice, fearlessness and humanity.

Emilia’s successful play inspired both directors and producers. She was invited to the new seasons of the series. She was nominated for various television awards. By 2015, an Emmy figurine and a Saturn Award appeared on her track record, both for Best Supporting Actress in a television series. In 2012, Emilia Clark was among the 99 most desirable women on the planet according to AskMen. Esquire magazine named the 28-year-old British actress

In 2016, Emilia Clarke was busy filming the sixth season of Game of Thrones , and she also worked on the films “ See You ” (with actor Sam Claflin) and “The Voice from the Stone”.

In June 2017, the American company HBO announced the premiere date of the first episode of the seventh season of the television series “Game of Thrones” and since then this topic has not left the news around the world. In the United States, a new episode was released on July 16, and Russian fans of the saga began to learn about the new adventures of their favorite characters the next day – July 17. At the same time, the excitement from the new season of the series was so great in our country that the first episode of the seventh season of “Game of Thrones” was shown in the Moscow metro (on the night of July 17-18 as part of the project “Night on the Metro”).

Only the trailer for the new season of the series on YouTube for the first day was watched by 7 million people.The first episode of the seventh season of the television series Game of Thrones broke the record for the number of people who watched it on the first day.

Personal Life

Emilia Clark is not married, but her personal life is in the sight of tabloid news from around the world, and the paparazzi are hunting for hot photos of the star of the Game of Thrones.

Rumors connected the actress with the famous Hollywood director and animator Seth MacFarlane . A year later, they broke up and all the same journalists believed that the gap was due to Emilia’s romance with Keith Harington .


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