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 June 17, 2020


Ellen Degeneres is a famous American TV presenter and comedian. The woman was honored twice to conduct the Oscars. Ellen is considered the most open and direct person on American television.

Childhood and youth

The future artist was born in the winter, January 26, 1958, in Meter, Louisiana. At that time, the eldest son Vance was already raised in the family. Brother Ellen in the future became a producer and musician.

The girl’s mother, Betty, eliminated speech disorders in children and adults, while Elliot Everett Degeneres, father, worked as an insurance agent. Ellen’s parents followed the Scientology doctrine, and until the age of 13 the girl studied according to the sermons of the Church of Scientology.

15 years after the birth of a daughter, Betty and Elliot divorced. Soon, the girl’s mother again married with salesman Roy Grüssendorf and the couple moved to Atlanta with Ellen. Vance stayed with his father.

Television and Journalism

The creative biography of Ellen Degeneres began in her youth. In the late seventies, she performed in clubs and coffee houses as a stand-up artist. In 1981, the girl took up the position of entertainer at Clyde’s Comedy Club. In 1982, Ellen was named the Funniest Man in America on Showtime. Then she went on a tour of the country.

In 1986, Johnny Carson called the comedian on his show. So she became the first female comedian who was invited to the TV show as a star guest after a stand-up performance. Ellen showed acting talent in the film Eggheads. She also appeared in a series of tapes called “The Adventures of Ellen.”


Successful comedic performances made the comedian a good reputation. As a result, the television series “Ellen” was released, which went on for four years (from 1994 to 1998). Sitcom reached its peak when Degeneres in February 1997 on the Oprah show, Winfrey openly stated that she was a lesbian.

Later, the moment with a cuming out appeared in the television series. The episode “The Puppy Episode” raised the rating of the sitcom to an unprecedented level. But after no series was compared with the episode of recognition, so the creators of the show closed the sitcom.

In 2007, the presenter was hospitalized. But here she did not calm down, but broadcasted air from the hospital ward. As a result, the Ellen DeGeneres Show was nominated for an Emmy Award 11 times, and the first three seasons were awarded 25 prizes. May 1, 2009 Ellen DeGeneres celebrated the 1000th release of the show on the screens. That day, Justin Timberlake , Oprah Winfrey and Paris Hilton became guests of Ellen .

In 2007, Ellen Degeneres was honored to lead an Oscar. Thus, the woman became the first person to dispose of on stage at the presentation of a prestigious award, with an open non-traditional orientation. Critics spoke positively of the host’s manner of entertaining the audience. As a result, the artist was nominated for an Emmy for holding the ceremony


Personal life

Since the woman made a cuming out in 1997, declaring her unconventional orientation, the personal life of Ellen Degeneres has been vigorously discussed in the media. Mom Ellen was first shocked by the news, but then she became an ardent defender of her daughter.

In 1997, Ellen began an affair with actress Anne Heche , whom she met until 2000. Then the presenter met the photographer Alexandra Hadison. The relationship of the couple lasted until 2004. They even appeared on the cover of The Advocate after breaking the relationship.

Since 2004, Ellen has been in a romantic relationship with actress Porsche de Rossi , who is 15 years younger than Degeneres.

In 2008, after the law on same  marriage entered into law, the couple married on August 16 of the same year in their home. The celebration was attended by 19 guests, including mothers of the bride and groom. Porsche appeared at the ceremony in a traditional snow-white dress. Ellen remained unchanged in her favorite style: she put on a white suit. Two years later, Porsche officially took the name of his wife.

Now Ellen is one of America’s successful and beloved television presenters. The woman shines on the show and remains at the peak of popularity.

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