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 August 20, 2020


Belgian actress Elaine Powell began her career with short films, and now she has rated films and series, where the brunette gets the main roles. The most important in the filmography was the Siren project, dedicated to the enchanting world of mysterious creatures living in the depths of the sea.

Childhood and youth

Elaine was born on April 12, 1990 in Leuven – a leading university center and the most “Dutch” city in Belgium. The childhood and adolescence of the future actress, who was brought up with her brother, passed in a cozy old science city located on the Dil River. It is not surprising that the girl is fluent in Dutch and French, the official languages ​​of Belgium. But, in addition to them, he speaks excellent English, understanding the intricacies of accents of British, American and Irish, which comes in handy in acting.

In an interview, Powell recalled what was the first bell in the definition of a future profession. Oddly enough, for the first time, the girl began to show artistry in literature lessons. At school, they asked me to learn poetry weekly, and this turned into a favorite pastime for the child. She carefully prepared for the performance at the blackboard, thoroughly learning the text, placing dramatic accents and even preparing the props.

In high school, Elaine became a member of a theater group. The first appearance on the stage took place in the staging of the comic opera “Pirates of Penzas”, where the young Belgian played Mabel. Even then, the girl realized how much she worried about performing in front of the public, and decided to turn acting into a vocation.

This does not mean that Powell had no other choice – she successfully studied ballet and modern dance, excelling in hip-hop and flamenco. In addition, Elaine was fond of vocals and played the violin.

The sum of these skills made her even more competitive when applying to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA). To study at the most famous theater school in the world, the brunette moved to London in 2008, which became her home. Here in 2011 she received her bachelor’s degree in acting.

Personal life

Elaine’s career is gaining momentum, and her personal life is in full swing. The actress is in love, happy and does not hide it, sharing her emotions with fans on Instagram . Her boyfriend Lee Lennox is a British screenwriter and director who focuses primarily on video clips and animation. Powell starred in his festival-acclaimed short film For You.

The couple broadcasts mutual love on social networks. Congratulating his beloved happy birthday in 2020, the man called her a girl from another world, who fills every minute with magic. In response, Elaine rewarded him with no less gentle and flattering characteristics, describing him as the most loving, talented, amazing person who literally paints her world.

It is obvious that young people have fun and well together, however Lee still has not become a brunette husband. They are not yet talking about marriage and children, focusing on their careers. Powell shares fresh photos, interesting biography facts and news on Instagram. Here you can find shots from the set and pictures in a swimsuit, showing the slender figure of the artist. With a height of 163 cm, the “Sirena” star weighs 55 kg.


Elaine’s screen career began in 2011, with the filming of the short film “To Eliza”. This was followed by small roles in the films “Quartet” and “Private Peaceful”. In the Italian drama Anita B., released in 2014, the girl played the main role and received a Capri Award for her. Irish actor Robert Sheehan became a partner on the site .

A couple of years later, the brunette was lucky to get into the caste of the loudest serial project in recent years. In the 6th season of Game of Thrones , Powell played Bianca, an actress of the Isembaro theater company. The Belgian has appeared in 2 episodes of the show. The next work was the painting “The Sword of King Arthur”.

Elaine’s real fame was brought by the serial fantasy drama Siren, in which the artist began filming in 2018. In addition to her, the main cast of the show included Alex Rowe , Rina Owen and Ian Verdun. The plot of the series develops on land and at sea, and therefore the actress has to spend a lot of time in the pool, where underwater scenes are filmed.

The mermaids in “Siren” are not at all cute and naive creatures, but ancient semi-demonic entities that carry a threat within themselves. Elaine’s character emerges from the depths and tries to adapt to the human world, constantly transforming externally and internally.

Elaine Powell now

Elaine continues filming Siren, which aired in its third season in April 2020 on Freeform. A dark thriller about a coastal town where dangerous inhabitants of the sea come ashore continues to hold the viewer’s attention. Powell still plays the main role in the project – a mermaid named Rin.

Before filming, the actress has to go through the makeup procedure for several hours, which changes her appearance no worse than plastic surgery. Attaching the tail becomes a separate quest, with which the brunette has to become one.

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