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 October 16, 2019

Dwayne Johnson  BIOGRAPHY OF DWAYNE JOHNSON Dwayne Johnson (Dwayne “Rock” Johnson) – in the past, a popular American wrestler, and now a famous Hollywood movie actor, behind whom he worked on the sets of the films “Fast and the Furious”, “Jumanji”, “Second Chance” and many others.

The actor was twice noted in the Guinness Book of Records: for the breathtaking fee received for playing his debut starring role ($ 5.5 million), and for the incredible amount of selfies taken in a very short period of time (105 photos in 3 minutes).


Dwayne was born in early May 1972 in California, in a family that earned a living by wrestling. My father, grandfather, cousins ​​and uncles were professional wrestlers, my mother was a husband’s promoter, and my grandmother made her career as a leader in the women’s wrestling league in Polynesia.

he work of his father, associated with constant moving, did not allow the Johnsons to sit still. Therefore, Dwayne received his secondary education at three different schools: first in New Zealand, then in Hawaii, and finished his graduation year in Pennsylvania.

Sport has always been present in the life of the Johnsons: from childhood, Dwayne took Dwayne with him to competitions and to train in the gym. At 12, in one of these classes, the younger Johnson decided to test his abilities with a barbell projectile. The forces were unequal – the bar crushed the guy. This incident did not affect Duane’s physical health, but helped convince the boy to connect his future with sports. From that moment, Duane began serious training under the authoritative guidance of his own dad.



In 2000, Dwayne Johnson released the bestselling autobiographical book “The Rock Says …”, which greatly sparked interest in his person, including in Hollywood.

The Rock was offered the first supporting role in his life in the film The Mummy Returns, and then the main role in his prequel – The King of Scorpions. In the first film, the company wrestler happened to be on the same set with stars



Dwayne Johnson met his future wife, Cuban Dani Garcia, at the age of 20 when he studied at the University of Miami. In 1999, seven years later, the couple legalized their relationship, and on August 14, 2001, the Johnsons became the parents of the beautiful girl Simon Alexandra.


But in June 2007, Dani and Dwayne made an official declaration of divorce: the daughter stayed with her mother. Every month, Simon Alexandra Dwayne pays 22 thousand dollars for everyday expenses, not counting another five thousand for her education. Despite the gap, the couple, nevertheless, managed to maintain friendly relations.

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