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 July 2, 2020

Name: Dua Lipa Birthday: August 22, 1995 (24 years old) Birthplace: London, UK Height: 173 cm Weight: 58 kg Zodiac sign: Leo ( characteristic ) East horoscope: Boar Career: Foreign musicians 7th place


Dua Lipa (Dua Lipa) – a former model, and now the star of the British pop scene. Her musical career began in 2009 with cover versions of songs by other artists, but soon the independent work of the girl won the love of listeners all over the world thanks to the singer’s deep, non-standard voice and her outstanding appearance.


Dua Lipa was born on August 22, 1995 in London. Her parents, ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, emigrated from Pristina to the capital of Great Britain, fleeing the horrors of the civil war unleashed in Yugoslavia. A significant place in the subsequent formation of Dua as a singer was played by her father, Dukagin Lipa. He was a famous rock musician in Pristina and, as a creative person, in love with beautiful melodies and songs, became the first conductor for young Dua Lipa to the world of music. Together they listened to the hits of Bob Dylan , Sting , David Bowie and other talented performers.
From early childhood, Dua Lipa’s dream was to perform on stage, she even studied acting at the famous theater school Sylvia Young Theater (Sylvia Young Theater School). It is noteworthy that at different times, famous actors and vocalists became graduates of this educational institution: Adele Silva (Doctor Who), Alex Pettifer (Stormbreaker), Amy Winehouse , Ella Pernell (Tarzan, Churchill), Keely House (“Dust to dust”).

In 2008, after the declaration of independence of Kosovo, the Lipa family went back to Pristina, where the next year, Dua began to actively conduct her music channel on YouTube. Her first experiences were cover versions of songs by Nelly Furtado and Christina Aguilera .

At 15, Dua Lipa left her father’s house and returned to London with the goal of starting a serious musical career. However, at first she had to work as a waitress and a model in order to be able to pay for a rented apartment, rented together with friends. There was a time when she worked on the nightclub face control, and the singer later called this experience “terrifying.” Without a doubt, the girl could prove herself in the modeling business, an attractive appearance and a suitable growth of 173 cm helped her in this, but nevertheless Dua strove for a completely different scene.

Several important factors helped to start the career of the singer Dua Lipa  This includes acquaintance with the famous musician, author of the single “New Age” Marlon Rudett, who gave the novice vocalist advice to record their own songs and post them on open platforms. In addition, the aforementioned YouTube channel attracted the attention of Dua.


In 2015, the 19-year-old Dua Lipa signed a contract with the record company Warner Music Group. This event marked the beginning of her dizzying musical career. In the same year, the first two singles of the singer (“New Love” and “Be the One”) were released, soaring in the top ten European charts.

Already during this period, the musical style of Dua Lipa took shape, which she herself defines as a “dark pop”. In her music, electronic rhythms and synthesizers are actively involved, and the arrangement most often includes electric guitars, drums and pianos. Music critics and fans celebrate the passion, expression and courage that is felt in every Dua song.

Although the first studio album, entitled “Dua Lipa”, was only released on June 2, 2017, by then the British singer was already widely known in Europe, North America and Australia. The singles “Last Dance” (February 18, 2016) and “Hotter Than Hell” (May 6, 2016) allowed to gain popularity in the UK, and “Blow Your Mind” (August 26, 2016), in turn, was to the taste of the audience in North America.

The album for the first time released the most famous song by Dua Lipa – “New Rules”. It is noteworthy that the video clip for this hit collected more than 1 billion 300 million views on YouTube, so in 2018, Dua became the youngest pop singer, whose clip has gained more than 1 billion views.

A significant moment in the singer’s career and a unique symbol of her recognition in most of the world was Dua’s participation in the opening ceremony of the final of the Champions League football at the Olympic stadium in Kiev on May 26, 2018. In front of the assembled audience, the vocalist performed with the single “New Rules” mentioned above.

dua lipa new rulz

Separately, it is necessary to mention that in 2018 Dua Lipa won the victory at the prestigious British music awards ceremony “Brit Awards” in two categories at once – “Breakthrough of the Year” and “Best British Performer”.


An important fact in the biography of the singer is that she remained indifferent to the problems of her native Kosovo. Having learned from the history of her family the severity of the fate of a refugee and a migrant, the girl, together with her father, founded the Sunny Hill Foundation charitable foundation. The purpose of the organization is to help people in need – both refugees and residents of Pristina and other cities of Kosovo.


Dua Lipa is not married, she has no children. The singer is quite closed on the issue of personal relations and never gives information about her men. This is partly the cause of numerous rumors, gossip and scandals associated with the name of Dua.

After the end of the Champions League final in Kiev, numerous articles appeared in the press about the suddenly arisen, turbulent and extremely fleeting relations between Dua Lipa and the star player of Real Madrid Marco Asensio. However, the girl soon published on her pages on social networks a refutation of this rumor.

All the latest news from the life of Dua Lipa can be found on the girl’s pages on Instagram and Twitter – she is an active user of social networks.

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