Designing a Space-Themed Bedroom 


 February 21, 2021

Childhood is all about fiction and fantasies. To indulge your kids in science and enhancing their knowledge, incorporating Sci-fi stuff into their learning is the best approach. The environment has a great impact on the child’s imagination, intelligence, and thought process. Have you ever noticed that children go into a state of awe and mesmerism when they are introduced to the Solar System, galaxies, stars, astronomy, etc.? Designing a space-themed bedroom space for children is an outstanding, versatile, and gender-neutral idea, which is highly popular these days. The space background in their bedroom provides a fascinating insight into astronomy to the kids.

The idea might seem complicated but all it needs is a little more creativity and some out-of-the-box ideas. Here, we have compiled it all for you!

Space Background

The very first thing you need to design a space-themed bedroom is a space background. Choose an appropriate color theme, either blue or black. The main wall should be of a darker shade than the rest of the walls and the ceiling should be in lighter tones. Craft the space background on the main wall by painting stars and hanging on some constellation murals.

Artificial Solar System

Coordinating with the space background, you need to craft an artificial Solar System to make the area look like a real outer space. The planetary bodies hanging from the ceiling in a circular direction is an absolute depiction of the Solar System. You could buy them ready-made or DIY. Painting or covering the hanging light bulbs will serve the purpose. Paint the 9 planets as per their virtually-specified colors and hang them, starting from the space background wall.


The incorporation of space-themed accessories would enhance the fascination incredibly. There is a variety of such accessories in the marketplace. Depending on your child’s interest, you could buy things like a spaceship, robots, telescope, or shelves crafted in the shape of a rocket, etc. Furthermore, you can plant the 3D glowing stickers on the space background.


For the more extravagant interior, you could custom-design the space-themed furniture. Since the furniture will be placed alongside the wall crafted with a space background, the color scheme and dimension of the furniture must be in accordance with the space background. A space shuttle Bunk Bed or a rocket-shaped bed with an astronaut bed cover and space-themed constellation bed will do wonders. Moreover, cupboards, shelves, and racks could be custom-designed as well.


Hanging 3D space-themed murals on the space background will save your efforts to a greater extent. Such murals and wallpapers are easily available. However, to let your child explore their creativity. You can ask them to join in for making vibrant murals.

Moon is the Real Deal!

The major attraction of the entire Solar System is the Moon. You would find different options for stars, but crafting a realistic moon is the real struggle. Instead of designing it on your own, look for readymade options that depict the detailed and realistic version. Moon ceiling ornament that glow-in-dark would be best or you can place moon-shaped accessories in the room.

You’ll find numerous ideas and pictures when it comes to space themes. Make a checklist and design a wonderful space area for your children.

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