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 July 21, 2019

    David Beckham  Wiki /Bio


Date of Birth
May 2, 1975
Zodiac sign
Place of Birth
Great Britain, London
Full Name (eng)
David Robert Joseph Beckham



David Beckham (1975) – football player, born May 2, 1975 in the city of London, England. Best known as a midfielder, as well as Mr. Spice. At the beginning of his biography, David Beckham was in the lead among other English footballers.



He became popular not only on the field, but also far beyond its borders. The footballer was already a well-known Manchester United player when he married Victoria Adams (“Spice Luxury”) – the star of the Spice Golf group in July 1999. The combination of two popular personalities exerted inimitable pressure on the public. The pair became one of the most famous British unions.

As a player, Beckham is famous for his light kick on the ball, impressive long-distance strikes (including his famous midfield goal against Wimbledon in 1996).

Manchester United sold the player to the Spanish team Real Madrid for 35 million euros (about 25 million British pounds) in July 2003. In the 1998 championship, after meeting with Argentina, Beckham was disqualified for rude, nervous behavior on the field. However, the footballer played at the championships of 2002, 2006. From 2000 to 2006, Beckham was the captain of the English national team. He left this role after losing the match with Portugal in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. In 2007, the footballer signed a multi-million dollar contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy team.

He first wore a new uniform on July 21, 2007 in a “friendly” match with Chelsea.

Additional data: Usually Beckham plays midfielder. His nickname is “Becks.” Together with Victoria, David has three sons named Brooklyn (born March 4, 1999), Romeo (born September 1, 2002), Cruz (born February 20, 2005). When in the biography of David Beckham were playing for Manchester United, the athlete wore uniform number 7. After joining Real Madrid, he changed the number to 23. Beckham wore the same number, starting to play for Galaxy. In addition to Beckham, other football stars played in Real Madrid: Figo, Ronaldo, Zidane.

In 2002, the film “Bend It Like Beckham” with Kira Knightley – the story of a teenager football player. Beckham did not act in the film, but his name was present in the title. The title of the film referred to Beckham’s skill to make twisted punches.


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