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 September 7, 2020


In October 2019, an article on daveigh chase  appeared on Yandex.Zen, which viewers remembered for the role of Samara Morgan in The Ring. Of course, the impatient fans of the star were especially happy about the publication, worried that the favorite does little to film and rarely posts new photos in fashionable outfits and swimsuits on Instagram. However, if you believe what was written, then everything is in order with her – daveigh chase spends most of the time on car travel.daveigh chase

Childhood and youth

At the end of the hottest summer month of 1990, July 24, Las Vegas became richer by at least one inhabitant. The future actress Davey Elizabeth Chase-Schvellier was born, after the divorce of Katie and John’s parents, she kept her mother’s surname.

daveigh chase spent her childhood in the capital of New York State – Albany, located in the northeastern United States, where she showed creativity from an early age. Already at the age

When the daveigh chase  was 7 years old, she was invited to shoot a commercial for the famous Campbell’s Soup and was offered to participate in the production of “Utah!” Musical theater. The professional activity of the young worker did not end there – a year later she gave her voice to the main character of the cartoon “Lilo and Stitch” (and later “Spirited Away”) and began to beat the thresholds of the auditions, hoping to get the first roles in the cinema.

As for the family biography, it is known that on October 13, 2006, the artist’s brother Cade was born.

Personal life

Now the personal life of the beauty (height 171 cm and weight 56 ​​kg) is hidden from prying eyes, but, in any case, she does not suffer from a lack of attention of the opposite sex. She has in the past been credited with romances with colleagues Dylan Sprouse (“Big Daddy”, “All Tip -Top, or The Life of Zach and Cody”) and Eric Per Sullivan (“Malcolm in the Spotlight”).

The daveigh chase  favorite activities are surfing, horse riding, dancing, literature, hanging out with friends and traveling. However, the last hobby in 2017 brought her many unpleasant minutes: in February the girl was fined for violating traffic rules, and in November she was detained for being in the cabin of a stolen BMW.

Speaking of incidents: as the omniscient media wrote, in September 2018, a celebrity was detained for possession of drugs, but released on bail. Three years earlier, Davey’s name had appeared in the case of illegal substances and the death of her friend from them. It was later confirmed that Chase was not involved in the crimes.


Luck smiled at the persistentd aveigh chase and already in 1998 she made her film debut, appearing in one of the series ” Sabrina, the Little Witch .” The following year, little Davey starred in the drama Michael Landon, The Father I Knew and the thriller Her Married Lover.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the beloved television series have firmly settled in the filmography: “The Charmed ” was replaced by ” Practice “, “Ambulance” – “This Life” and added “CSI: Crime Scene”, “Detective Rush” and “Big Love”.

of three, the baby danced and sang, not missing a single social and cultural event.

However, there were also enough full-length films in it, Chase was involved in Donnie Darko, Silence, The Ring, along with David Dorfman and Carolina.

At the start of her career, the artist thought to try herself in music at a professional level, having recorded four author’s songs. As a result, the cinema outweighed, and dreams of releasing a solo album remained unrealizable.

daveigh chase now

Unfortunately, there is no news about the creative plans for the 2020th performer of the role of Samara in “The Call”. By the end of 2019, the last job was to voice one of the characters in The King of the Golden Sun.

daveigh chase Movies

  • 1998 – “Sabrina, the Little Witch”
  • 1999 – Her Married Lover
  • 1999 – Michael Landon, The Father I Knew
  • 2000 – Charmed
  • 2000 – “Practice”
  • 2001 – Donnie Darko
  • 2001 – Touched by an Angel
  • 2002 – The Call
  • 2002 – Silence
  • 2004 – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • 2004 – Detective Rush
  • 2006-2011 – “Big Love”
  • 2015 – Atrocity on the Blue Screen
  • 2016 – American Romance
  • 2016 – Jack Goes Home


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