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 July 8, 2019

Biography of Daniel Jonatan (Dan) Stevens


He is an Actor

His Nick name is Kat

He was born on  10-10-1982  in Croydon, Greater London, England, UK

Height: 159 cm Weight: 70 kg

His Age is 36  years old in (2019).

His  Star Sign Cancer

He is Still Single.


Childhood and youth

Daniel Stevens was born in 1982 on the outskirts of London and, unfortunately, almost immediately became an orphan. The boy did not stay orphaned for a long time and soon he was adopted by a married couple who taught at a local school. Parents tried to educate Daniel in love and care and open for him a world of great opportunities. At school, he was not very interested in studying, and often he showed a rebellious character. Everything changed after he was transferred to the school Tonbridge, where he first discovered the world of theatrical art. Talent distinguished him from the rest of the students, and soon he was noticed. A literature teacher, prose writer Jonathan Smith, at his own peril and risk, offered the young man one of the main roles in Shakespeare’s production of Macbeth.

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A successful career on the stage

The success was incredible and unexpected for Stevens. This is what brought him self-confidence and influenced his enrollment at Emmanuel College in Cambridge. The basis for admission to this school was the famous theater club Footlights. Many famous actors were members of this theater club, which was the reason for his fame. During the preparation for Macbeth, the actor met producer Peter Hall, whose daughter was Stephens’ counterpart on stage. After a long conversation, Hall, seeing the talent of Daniel, helped him in his further career development. Thanks to Peter, the young actor got into the well-known production of “How you will like it” and spent about a year on tour. Thanks to this production, he established himself in the theater society as a brave and gifted young man.

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The first attempts to get into the world of cinema

Toward the end of 2005, a young man first appeared on television in the TV series “Frankenstein”. His appearance was episodic, but still opened the door to the world of the film industry.

In 2006, Dan married an actress and singer Susie Harriet, whom he had known since the days of the school theater. In the same year he had the chance to show himself in the more serious role of the film “Dracula”. In his spare time from film cinema, the actor rehearsed in the theater and participated in performances. The beginning of 2008 brought the young actor another good opportunity to demonstrate his acting skills in the series “Mind and Feelings”. The series as a whole was successful and profitable, which brought the actor not only the first good fee, but also recognition. Not only film critics, but also spectators began to show interest to his person. Soon, from the little-known theater actor, Stevens turned into one of the most desirable men, rising to the top of Hollywood glory.


The beginning of a successful film career

In 2009, the actor received two offers to participate in the films “Turn of the Screw” and “Hilda”. A real breakthrough for the actor was the television series “Downton Abbey”, the first series of which appeared on the screens in September 2010. Daniel appeared before the audience as one of the main characters – Matthew Crowley. His character became a model of the aristocrat of the future, he does not hesitate to work and do all the work on his own. The reason for this striking difference of this character from his relatives was that he got the fortune from Crowley because of the death of the previous heir aboard the Titanic. The incredible success of the project brought Stevens worldwide fame and a large number of good projects. But the actor always put the theater above the cinema, so he refused to shoot in the 4th season of the series “Downton Abbey” for the performance “The Heiress”. The viewers were distressed by this news and for a long time could not believe in his final departure. “The Heiress” was Dan’s successful debut on Broadway, for the theater he and his family moved to live in New York.


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Long-awaited experience in fantasy

Fortunately, fans of the actor did not leave the world of cinema forever and in 2013 he returned to television screens in the film “The Fifth Power”. The plot of the film was based on real events and showed a dark, corrupt side of power that should be shown to the world.

In 2014, another work with his participation came out – “Walk among the graves”, which critics called incredibly frightening because of Daniel’s incredibly convincing play.

In 2016, the actor’s long-time dream came true and he managed to become part of a fantasy-style project – Legion. This series has become a spin-off for a series of films and comics about people mutant “X-Men”. Stevenson’s character, David Heller, is a young man who is in a psychiatric hospital and is sure that he suffers from hallucinations, but is actually a mutant.


The last years of creativity

In 2017, the movie “Beauty and the Beast” was released, bringing an actor an extraordinary experience in creating a film adaptation to a fairy tale. For filming his character used complex computer graphics, which is superimposed on top of his facial expressions. The film won leading positions in box office in 2017, collecting over $ 1.5 billion with a budget of $ 160 million. At the moment, the actor is preparing to appear in another 4 films whose premieres are scheduled for 2017.


Interesting Facts:

  • The incredible success of the actor after the release of “My girlfriend is a monster” led to the fact that in 2017, 5 films are being prepared with his participation and several long-term cooperation agreements have already been signed.
  • The actor leads a “transparent” lifestyle, which is rare in modern show business. He has never been confronted with scandals about infidelity and has been married since 2006 to this day, besides, he has never been noticed for using drugs or alcohol.
  • For two and a half hours that goes to the film “Beauty and the Beast”, Stevens was on the screen with its appearance only 7 minutes, the rest of the time it is hidden by computer graphics.
  • The actor became an orphan at an early age and was adopted by local school teachers who were close friends of his biological parents.


  • Screen Actors Guild Award for the best cast in the drama series (2013)

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