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 August 9, 2020


DaBaby is an American rap artist and beatmaker. The musician has been creative since the mid-2010s. From 2014 to 2018, he released several mixtapes that did not attract public attention. Great success overtook the artist in 2019, after the release of the album Baby on Baby.

Childhood and youth

The rapper’s real name is Jonathan Lindale Kirk. The performer was born in Cleveland on December 22, 1991. Together with his parents and two older brothers, he moved to the city of Charlotte, located in North Carolina. In 2010, the young man graduated from Vance High School. Then he entered the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. After 2 years, he dropped out, announcing that he did not consider education necessary, and that he attended school and university only for the sake of his parents.

Finding himself in a disadvantaged area of ​​the city as a child, Jonathan felt all the “delights” of the influence of the local atmosphere. He repeatedly broke the law, traded drugs and was driving with an expired license.

A major unpleasant incident in Kirk’s biography happened at the age of 28. Jonathan was accused of possession of a firearm when he was involved in a fight in a supermarket. As a result of the skirmish, one person died. Despite the fact that the rapper shot a man, he did not end up in jail – in 2019 he was acquitted. The man pleaded guilty and assured the law enforcement officers that his actions were justified in self-defense.

Personal life

DaBaby lives with a girl named Mem. She gave birth to the chosen one of two children, and, according to media reports, the couple was again waiting for the addition. The rapper uses social media. In a personal account on Instagram , fans especially often watch photos and short videos in which the artist’s daughter is present. He shows himself as an excellent father, and fans argue about when the man’s beloved will become his wife.

The rapper tries to keep the details of everyday life behind the scenes, maintaining the distance between fans and his personal life.

The performer is 173 cm tall and weighs 72 kg.


The guy from his youth preferred the rap genre. Jonathan’s musical taste was formed on the basis of the creativity of such artists as Eminem , Lil Wayne , 50 Cent . He started making music in 2014 and released a mixtape called Nonfiction in 2015. A series of new songs soon added to his creative piggy bank.

A signed contract with the famous promoter Arnold Taylor allowed the artist to get back on his feet. The head of the South Coast Music Group label spotted the rapper performing in North Carolina. The collaboration brought the performer the opportunity to showcase his mixtapes to the general public, as well as the first distribution deal with Jay-Z’s Interscope recording studio.

On March 1, Interscope released the rapper’s studio album Baby on Baby. It debuted at No. 25 on the US Billboard 200. The song Suge was in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 by June. In 2019, DaBaby created his own label, Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment.

DaBaby now

Jonathan Kirk continues to run his own label and is a popular performer. Now his beats are listened to by young people in the United States and abroad. The tragic event that happened in the supermarket in 2019 attracted a new wave of attention to the person of the celebrity.

Despite the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the artist performed a concert at the Cosmopolitan Premier Lounge in Decatur on 4 July. Social distancing and restrictive security measures during the event were not properly organized, for which the rapper and promoters were criticized.

During the virtual BET Awards 2020, DaBaby commented on the assassination of George Floyd , which provoked anti-racist actions in the United States. During the performance of the Rockstar song, a video was played on the screen, reminiscent of the arrest of the criminal who turned out to be the victim.

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