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 August 27, 2020


Courtney Ford is an American actress whose filmography consists of feature films and series. As an artist involved in serial projects, she was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award. Courtney ford received the ShockerFest prize for her character in Alien Invasion.

Childhood and youth

Courtney  Ford was born in the Californian city of Huntington Beach on June 27, 1978. Since childhood, she has demonstrated creative potential, so after graduating from school,Courtney ford  did not think for a long time about choosing a future profession.

he girl graduated from acting courses according to the Lee Strasberg method, which involves a large amount of improvisation in the work on the role. After that, she began to participate in castings for cinematographic and television projects.

Personal life

Courtney ford is married to actor and model Brandon Root . The engagement of the Courtney ford couple took place 3 years after the first meeting, in August 2006. The wedding took place in November 2007 at the El Capitan Ranch in Santa Barbara. In 2012, Courtney gave birth to a son to her husband. The boy was named Leo. Photos with the child and spouse often appear on the personal profile of a celebrity on Instagram and testify to the happy personal life of the family.

Leo’s parents surrounded him with love, and this is confirmed by the joint weekends, entertainment and culinary delights with which Courtney pampers the family. The actress loves to bake. One of the most impressive pieces was a multi-colored cake for his son, decorated with Justice League figures and a sugar cloud. The artist’s account also includes shots from the stage, photos with colleagues and images that reveal the secrets of the filmmaking process.

Courtney is 168 cm tall and weighs 55 kg.


Courtney Ford’s first television footage took place in 1998 in a miniseries titled South Park: Tom’s Rhinoplasty Clinic. Then the girl was offered a cameo role in the movie “BASEKETBALL”. In her youth, she was trusted only by secondary and passing images – a creative biography developed gradually, which greatly affected Ford’s self-esteem. Perceiving what was happening as stagnation, she even thought about leaving the profession.

The first major project for the Courtney ford  was the TV series Ugly, filmed in 2006. 2008 turned out to be rich in new achievements and interesting proposals. The girl starred in the film “Alien Invasion”, which attracted the attention of critics and fans of fantastic stories.

Then Courtney received an invitation to work in several multi-part projects at once. Among them were the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother and Criminal Minds . By the way, an episode of the first series with her participation was nominated for an Emmy.

Demonstrating his acting versatility, Courtney ford  was in demand among the creators of other television projects. In 2009, she worked on the set of the series Detective Rush and Dexter . After participating in the second, the actress entered the top 10 performers recommended by the experts of the weekly Variety.

The next year turned out to be no less successful, because the filmography of the artist was replenished with the projects ” Anatomy of Passion “, “Marine Police: Special Department” and the sensational youth story ” The Vampire Diaries “. Already having an idea of ​​firstborns and werewolves, the actress starred in the TV series True Blood. She portrayed a lawyer in love with a vampire who turned out to be her progenitor

2011 was a productive year for the celebrity.  Courtney ford has starred in The Big Bang Theory , Hawaii 5.0, CSI: New York City Crime Scene Investigation and Beautiful to Death. In the frame of some of them, Courtney ford  appeared, already being pregnant. Courtney ford

Popular TV shows starring Courtney ford  included Castle , Supernatural , co- created by Alexander Calvert and Kelly Kline, and Legends of Tomorrow. In the latter, the actress got the role of Nora Dark. On the set, Courtney ford managed to work with her husband Brandon, who has been involved in the series since its launch.

In 2019, the producers announced that the Courtney ford  couple’s characters would be leaving the project in season 5. Their final episode was Romeo vs. Juliet: Dawn of Justice. Courtney ford

Courtney Ford now

The American actress Courtney ford  continues to develop in the creative field. She now lives with her family in Los Angeles. Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has suspended the filming of films and TV series, Courtney receives offers of cooperation. In addition, Ford is a charitable volunteer for Service Nation.


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