How to Download & Use CotoMovies on FireStick (Sep 2022) 


 September 2, 2022

Want to watch free movies and TV Series on FireStick? Downloading CotoMovies app is one of the ways to watch free movies and TV shows on FireStick? Wondering how to do that? Keep scrolling to know how to download, install and use CotoMovies on FireStick in just a few minutes.

There’s nothing better than watching TV series, and movies without paying anything. Maybe there are a lot of streaming apps available right now, but they cost you a lot and might add malware to your FireStick.

Hence, CotoMovies would be a great alternative to the paid OTT platforms that lets you watch free movies and TV Series on FireStick. 

CotoMovies has an attractive collection of TV series, the latest movies, and other online web series. If you’re having trouble downloading the CotoMovies, we’ve listed here a few ways which help to download it on FireStick.

So let’s have a quick review about CotoMovies and what are the features of CotoMovies before we show you how to download and install CotoMovies on FireStick.

What is CotoMovies

CotoMovies is an incredible movie and TV series streaming app that allows you to watch content for free on FireStick.

This is an amazing app where you get an immersive collection of high-quality TV shows, movies, and other content worldwide.

This free streaming app is an upgraded form of the Bobby Movie Box, which also runs on FireStick. However, the app asks for permission when you are downloading this.

Above all, CotoMovies is an excellent way for watching content for free on FireStick.

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Features of CotoMovies

Since it’s a free app, many users must be thinking right now that it may be illegal or have limited streaming options.

However, that’s not true because the app is completely safe from malware and lets you stream a plethora of the latest movies and other content without paying any cost.

Not only that, CotoMovies has a lot of features that make it one of the best free streaming apps on FireStick.

Some of the great features that make CotoMovies a great FireStick app are as follows: 

  • Users can directly download the content so that they can watch content later.
  • Users will get to watch the latest movies and series.
  • The content is available in HD formatYou should dheck out another app Cinema HD to watch content for free in HD.
  • The best feature of Cthe otoMovies app is you can stream content without having any ads. Fed up with ads on other apps, you should check out 4 ways to block ads on FireStick.
  • Another fantastic feature is users can download the subtitles of the movies.
  • You can save movies on multiple servers without any interruption.
  • CotoMovies also support Chromecast.
  • Users can also apply filters to stream content by year, Genre, type, and rating.
  • Extremely user-friendly, and users can access it for free.


You need to configure your FireStick to download apps that are not available on FireStick.

In other words, to sideload apps on FireStick, you need to fiddle with a few settings before installing CotoMovies. 

To make your FireStick ready to download CotoMovies, follow the steps below: 

1. Launch FireStick on your TV.

2. Go to Homepage and click on Settings icon (find it on the middle bar of the FireStick homepage).

Click on Settings Icon

3. You will see a list of options emerge just below when you click on the Settings icon, find and select My FireTV option.

Select MyFire TV

4. On the next screen, click on Developer options to proceed further.

Choose Developer Options

5. Under the developer Options window, turn on Apps from Unknown Sources and the ADB Debugging option.


6. A confirmation pop-up will appear, click on Turn On when asked to confirm the settings.

Click on Turn On Option

That is it, now your FireStick device is ready to sideload apps. You can now easily download and install CotoMovies on FireStick. 

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How to Download and Install CotoMovies on FireStick

There are two ways through which you can download CotoMovies on FireStick. One is through the Downloader app and another one is using ES File Explorer.

We will explain both the ways to help you download CotoMovies on FireStick. 

Download CotoMovies on FireStick Using Downloader App

The first method we should use to download CotoMovies APK on FireStick is using Downloader app which is the easiest and quickest way.

This method is called sideloading apps. We have a full guide on how to sideload apps on FireStick.

So, let’s just not wait for more time, look at the step below to install CotoMovies using the Downloader app: 

1. Go to the Homepage on your FireStick UI.

2. In the middle of the FireStick Homepage, click on the Find option.

Tap on Find Option

3. A drop-down will appear, and select Search button. Type Downloader in the search bar to find the app.

Click on Search Option

4. Click on Downloader from the list of results to proceed further.

Type Downloader and Click on it

5. You need to click on Downloader app from the list.

Click on Downloader

6. Once you click on the Downloader app card, a new screen will appear. Press on Download that will instantly download and install app on FireStick.

7. On next screen, you need to click on Open button that will launch the Downloader app.

click on open on downloader

8. Type the given Download link http://bit.ly/2ZHvSfI of the CotoMovies AP in the URL bar as shown in below image. Click on Go button.

Enter URL and Click on Go

9. After that, you need to wait for sometime for download to complete. Once it is completed, you will see a pop-up window.

10. Click on Install to proceed further.

Click on Install for CotoMovies

11. It takes a few seconds to install. After that, the app is ready to use on FireStick.

12. Either you can click on Open to launch CotoMovies or select done to do it later. We would advise you to click on Done button.

13. Now, on the Downloader app screen, select Delete button to remove the CotoMovies APK file from the device to save storage space.

Click-on-Delete-Button on Downloader

14. A confirmation pop-up will appear, you need to click on Delete button again to confirm.

And that’s how you can download and install CotoMovies APK on FireStick using the Downloader app.

You can launch the app to stream your favorite movies and TV series on FireStick for free.

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Download CotoMovies APK on FireStick Using ES File Explorer

If you cannot download the CotoMovies from the above-listed way for some reason, here is an alternative method with which you can easily download the app.

Assuming you already have invested in the ES File Explorer app, let’s have a look to download CotoMovies on FireStick. Follow the steps below:

  • First, you need to open the ES File Explorer app.
  • On the home screen, you need to click on Downloader icon.
  • Alternatively, you can select Tools option. From there, you can click on Download Manager.
  • In this section, you will need to find and click on + New icon. This will be at the bottom of the page.
  • As soon as you click on the icon of +New, a pop-up message will appear on the screen.
  • Here, you need to enter the “Name” and “Path” of the CotoMovies app to download.
  • Type this URL http://bit.ly/2ZHvSfI in Path and write CotoMovies in the Name area.
  • Once you’ve done the step, click on Download Now button. It takes a few seconds to download the file. When the file is downloaded, select Open File and then Install button.

After a few moments, the app is installed. You will get confirmation that the app is successfully installed when the process is complete. Click on Open to open the app immediately.

You can select Done as well if you want to open it later. In any case, the CotoMovies app is installed and ready to use on FireStick. 

And that’s how you can download CotoMovies on FireStick using the ES File Explorer app.

However, the ES File Explorer app is a paid app, we suggest you follow the above method to download CotoMovies on FireStick.

How to Use CotoMovies on FireStick

Now, as we have downloaded CotoMovies on FireStick, the app is ready to use. Let’s see how you can open and use CotoMovies on FireStick. Follow the steps below: 

1. Press the Home Key on your Amazon FireStick Remote. Click on Apps on your TV from the list of options.

2. Click on CotoMovies app. If you are running it for the first time, there will be a prompt stating that you need to update the app.

3. Select OK to update CotoMovies app.

Click on OK

Once the app is updated, you will see the home screen. There are menu options such as Home, Search, Download, Genres that you can click on to browse your favorite movies and TV series for free.

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Enjoy Free Movies and TV Series

CotoMovies is an ideal app for streaming and downloading movies for free. This is a must-have app on FireStick as you get tons of TV series and movies.

Now, you can easily install the CotoMovies app on FireStick by following the above steps and enjoying streaming content for free without any worries. 

However, if you face any problems while following our guide on how to download CotoMovies on FireStick, do you know what to do?

Just write down your query in the comments section below and we will help you to solve it as soon as possible.


  1. Is it legal to stream content on CotoMovies?

    If you try to watch pirated content, it may be against lawsuits. So, it is not legal to stream content on CotoMovies.

    We advise you to use VPN before using CotoMovies. Find the list of best VPN services for FireStick.

  2. Is CotoMovies shut down in the future?

    Yes, it might be but not properly. For example, if the app goes against the lawsuit, it may be shut down, or the files against the lawsuit will be shut down from the app.

    Search engines will push to remove the files from the website. 

  3. Does CotoMovies offer HD Videos?

    Yes, it offers HD Videos streaming. The latest released movies will be in HD format. So, you can enjoy streaming content with high definition.

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