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 August 14, 2020


Claudia Drozd was destined to become a screen star, because she was born into an acting family. The girl captivated the audience with the images of purposeful and hardworking heroines embodied in Ukrainian melodramas.

Childhood and youth

Klavdia Drozd (Bunina-Drozd) was born on August 9, 1997 in Kiev. She was the only child in the marriage of actor Georgy Drozd with his colleague Anastasia Serdyuk (Bunina). Before that, the man married Lyudmila Kurortnik, who bore him a son, Maxim Drozd , who also chose an acting profession.

Despite the fact that the girl was brought up in a creative atmosphere, she was in no hurry to become an artist. In the early years of her biography, Klava was an athlete, engaged in gymnastics, athletics and loved playing sports. Parents also did not insist that she continue the dynasty, called the profession difficult and time-consuming.

Despite this, the mother and father considered it important to familiarize the heiress with the intricacies of the artist’s work, and as a child they began to take her to the set. The debut for the little star was the sketch “Camera Cafe”, where she played a cameo role. Then there were “Madhouse”, “Love and a little pepper” and “Rage”, the shooting in which more and more fascinated Claudia, opening up new facets of her acting talent.

After school, the girl decided to take up journalism and applied to the Taras Shevchenko University , but there were not enough points for admission to the budget, and paid tuition was too expensive. Mother advised Klava to look at the website of the Ivan Karpenko-Kary Kiev University to clarify the conditions for admission to the faculty of journalism, but Drozd accidentally went to the acting department and found out that they were recruiting for the course of Nikolai Rushkovsky. He was my mother’s mentor, which became familiar to her.

The girl spent several days preparing the program and successfully passed the selection. In her student years, she continued to actively act in films, replenished the filmography with such projects as “40+, or the Geometry of Feelings” and “On the Line of Life”.

Personal life

A celebrity rarely speaks about her personal life, it is known that she is not married and is in no hurry to tie the knot, because all her free time is taken by work. Klavdia wants to see a sensitive and caring chosen one nearby, who will support her in all endeavors.


The first large-scale project in which the artist fell to work was the series “Paradise”, where she played the main role. Her heroine Nina is an orphan who dreams of her own hotel. But she has to work as a simple maid, overcoming difficulties and hardships on her way.

The appearance of Drozd in the comedy “Plantains” was no less striking. She embodied the image of Ani, who works as a waitress in her mother’s cafe, but secretly dreams of a stage. As the celebrity admitted, the role in the humorous project was a novelty, because she was used to acting in melodramas.

Claudia Drozd now

At the beginning of 2020, the TV series ” Worst Friend ” was released, in which the girl played the main role. She played the talented pastry chef Victoria, who has to work for a former classmate, Marina, who wants to ruin her life. Andrei Fedinchik again became Drozd’s partner on the site.



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